Skyrim: Pete Hines Outraged About Game’s Piracy

GB: "Some people have been getting their pre-ordered Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim copies days earlier than the official release date and have been streaming gameplay online, and apparently, Pete Hines is outraged. Though he isn’t screaming and shouting curse words like a fourteen year old, he’s showing his displeasure with cutting sarcasm."

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Drazz2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Sounds like he's right around the corner from a Curse-word infused rager... It's like when kids lean over the rails at the gorilla pit. They stretch and stretch, until its too late, and shit gets real....

fluffydelusions2566d ago

If they are getting legit preorders early how is that piracy?

jony_dols2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Considering that Oblivion sold 6 million copies on consoles alone, I don't think Pete Hines should be complaining that a tiny minority of people got their pre-order copies of Skyrim early.

Piracy is going to happen one way or another.
He should just be happy that it is not as rampant as it is in the film or music industry.

MAJ0R2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

thats what I was wondering too, but at the same time a lot of the leaked footage is coming from the pirated 360 version

but this guy acts as if no other game gets pirated, seriously get over it. this happens to every game developer

snipes1012566d ago

What is this guy talking about "piracy?" It seems like it is just a case of people getting their preordered copies early based on the way the article was written. What's the big deal? This doesnt sound like piracy.

Ren_2566d ago

The two fan questions were related to pirated copies of the game. I didn't see a quote from him in response to people getting the game early in that article.

The author of the article is confusing the issue with the first line of their article.

zag2566d ago

They can't be released copies of the games as the stores only get them 1-2 days before the release.

So it must be pirated versions.

I take it the fans were asking him if he knew it was getting pirated and if he was ok about it being pirated.

If you make something yourself and you see it being ripped off you won't be happy either.

It's a bit like being a checkout person and finding out the store is getting in the self checkout machines, and telling the staff it's only to help things go faster for small items, even though they have people with full trolleys going through them.

You won't be happy if your job is taken away.

Perjoss2566d ago

Developers / Publishers freak out at torrent download numbers but its not as bad as they think. For example I have Skyrim on pre-order but if a torrent appears early this week (Friday release here in UK) I will still download it just to get a taste of the game until my legit copy arrives.

walken72566d ago

Cause it's showing up on [email protected] [email protected] right now for 360. No PC or PS3 yet though. I pre-ordered for pc, and am not pirating, I just checked there to see if people were torrenting it, and they are.

bakasora2566d ago

You know I was going to buy the PS3 version until they announce the time exclusive DLC for X360. Now I downloading for the PC version.

KozmoOchez2565d ago


Not true, especially with these popular games, its more like 1-2 weeks early, sometimes earlier. Especially when the game is released in November, which is the start of holiday season for retail stores, they start getting popular items in ridiculously early.

nanometric2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

But then they woudn’t have a reason to trumpet how piracy is killing the gaming industry and include draconian DRM, online only features for SINGLE PLAYER (i.e. HoMM V) or online passes. They count every download as a lost sale not because they themselves believe that, they want YOU to believe that, so they could limit the consumer even more and the majority woudn’t complain about it, because it’s for the good of the industry. C’mon, they are selling millions of copies and making hundreds of MILLIONS PER half finished games and first day DLC ripped straight from them, yet somehow couple hundred thousand downloads, from people who probably woudn’t buy the game in the first place, are killing the poor little dev. Give me a break.


DISCLAIMER: I’m not specifically talking about Bethesda or Skyrim, and I agree that piracy needs to be kept in check, but not completely wiped out. I started gaming only because of piracy, since when I was a kid, I didn’t have the money to buy games nor my familly did, since they costed a small fortune and still do, but now I’m an adult, I make money and I buy games that deserve that money, including Skyrim.

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JsonHenry2566d ago

Strange. I see the streamed video as more of a clever marketing ploy than anything. Who has watched the videos and NOT wanted to buy the game all the more?

inveni02566d ago

Agreed. Those videos do nothing but encourage purchases...particularly the werewolf videos. Why they'd keep that crap a secret, I have no idea. Maybe they just pretend to hate it, have stuff pulled, etc. to fuel the intensity each time a new video comes out.

raWfodog2565d ago

I haven't watched any "new" videos since E3 because I didn't want to spoil anything for myself but I'm sure the videos would only entice the perspective buyer even more if they were interested in it to begin with.

Ren_2566d ago

@zag - I know for a fact that a number of retailers currently have Skyrim in stock.

NYC_Gamer2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

well,piracy/leaked products is apart of every industry nothing can be done about that...

SnakeCQC2566d ago

wow he's just crazy! They paid for it and they are legitimate copies ! they only got it early by dumb luck! Would he prefer people to actually illegally download it?

Shubhankar2566d ago

Some people are streaming it online. That's a pretty bad offense, don't you think?

JsonHenry2566d ago

No, not an offense at all. The consumer never signed an NDA with Bethesda. Perfectly legal, perfectly legit, on the part of the consumer.

SnakeCQC2566d ago

not really its more advertising for the game NOBODY is going to watch an entire playthrough at best they'll watch 20 minutes and think shit that is awesome i want to make my own character etc and goes off to buy game

MasterCornholio2566d ago

If they got it early because of a preorder theres nothing wrong with that. I really don't know why Bethesda is freaking out so much unless there's something wrong with the game like game breaking bugs or horrid framerate issues.


walken72566d ago

Because if it is leaked early, it can be torrented before release date. Which it is right now. Some people are going to torrent it and play it early, most, will buy it legit and not get it til release. I can see why that seems unfair.

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