DC Universe Online Free to Play First Look Video

DC Universe Online (DCUO) is a free to play 3D action MMORPG from Sony Online Entertainmen. Players can create their own superhero and join forces with their favorite DC Comics characters.

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fluffydelusions2567d ago

It should have launched as F2P. Probably would have done a lot better. I'm sure most people have their eyes set on SWTOR now.

Pikajew2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

SWTOR is not F2P. So that is a loss

I am enjoying this game

Kamikaze1352567d ago

Not really. Although both games are MMOs, both games are targeting entirely different audiences. DC is targeting more casual gamers and those who want an MMO but don't want to deal with monthly fees. While Star Wars is targeting the more core gamers who don't mind paying monthly fees.

To be honest, I can't see SWTOR doing well after Guild Wars 2 comes out.

Si-Fly2567d ago

SWTOR - monthly charge
Guild Wars 2 F2P

... Didn't you just contradict your own statement there?!!

ShoryukenII2567d ago

Star Wars is too scared to stray too far from the WoW formula. I used to play WoW and people that play always look forward to new MMOs. It was Warhamer at one point, then Aion. Now it is Star Wars. The thing I see that those games share in common is that none of them strayed from the formula.

What's the point of going to these new MMOs. They have less content than 7 year old WoW. The only thing they do have is better graphics. Star Wars does have some interesting things like a strong focus on story but so does Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars 2 is also straying from the formula and doing new things. The graphics are fantastic and remind me of single player console games.

They are also solving some big issues in MMOs. For example, I was playing DCUO yesterday and I noticed that there are a very large amount of players levelling with me. They are doing the same quests as I am and we are competing for quest resources. It is an MMO but I don't like to have so many players around. Guild Wars 2 changes that. They'll make it as if the other player is in a party with me and having other players around will be fun. The boss fights also look magnificent.

I think in the end, people will buy Star Wars and Guild Wars because GW2 is free. But they'll realize that even though it is free, it is better than the game with monthly fees and may eventually drop it (unless they really like Star Wars). Just my 2 cents. :p

Kamikaze1352567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

Not at all. Guild Wars 2 is targeting the core audience as well. If you actually read my post, I say that DC and SW target complete opposites: casuals who dont wanna pay monthly fees and core who pay monthly fees. GW is targeting the core so I'm sure most people who start to play SW will jump ship and play the better game (GW2). Especially since it's free.

nyobzoo2567d ago

I don't see a point for this, I mean it's f2p now sure but that doesn't change the fact that it's still the same game. People could've looked at videos when it was still p2p and it'll look the same

Kamikaze1352567d ago

True, but the population sky rocketed after it went F2P. Also, most MMOs make their money via micro transaction and expansions and do better than they would have if they were charging monthly fees.

So while it's the same game, it's opened itself to a much broader audience.

ShoryukenII2567d ago

That's right. Now there is no chance of it dying. However, before this happened, this MMO was on its way to closure. It just didn't have enough to justify a monthly fee. Now that it is the only free to play MMO on PS3 (other than that crap called Free Realms), it'll do very well. It has no competition now. They should've done this from the start.