Games Radar: The Top 7... Should Have Sucked

Gaming - the ultimate escapism. One press of a button can transform you into anything, or anyone, imaginable. Want to be a space explorer or a powerful wizard? You can. How about a military hero or a star athlete? No problem. Have you always longed for the glamorous life of a farmer, a mathematician or a bladder control specialist? Now's your chance!

... Wait, hold on. Nobody wishes for those last three, and yet, entire gaming franchises have been built on the crazy notion that such horrifying drudgeries would make fantastic entertainment.

The weirdest part, as Games Radar's Top 7 proves, is that they do.

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MK_Red3921d ago

Not all of them did it right. The Brain Age sucks pretty hard IMO. Also, games like Viva Pinata and The Sims obviously weren't going to suck because Viva was made by Rare and The Sims was made by Will Wright of other Sim games.