OXM: Seven ways to save the single player FPS

OXM's Edwin writes: "The single player FPS isn't dead - not with the likes of Bioshock Infinite and Syndicate on the way, at least - but it's seen better days. Too many developers seem to treat it as an afterthought, a tutorial for multiplayer or a sop to movie audiences.

In our latest offensively chin-strokey Sunday feature, I look at ways we could restore the balance. As always, go ballistic with your own suggestions."

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NukaCola2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

Game's that use the first person view in unique ways keep it fresh.

Mirror's Edge
Jedi Knight
Metroid Prime
Fallout/Elder Scrolls

These are good examples of how you can midigate everything replicating a single type of experience but keeping it FPS fully.

Sometimes a mixup works well like in Rainbow Six, MetalGearSolid, Deux Ex human Revolution and the new Ghost Recon. They use TPS and FPS elements that world well together.

hudsoniscool2569d ago

deus ex, and portal both did it great this year.

synchroscheme2569d ago

Give me a story worth caring about, but don't force it on me. Bioshock does this superbly. At the beginning of the game there isn't an intro movie or NPC that fills in the player on the where and when. You're just launched into the world and you see the story in the architecture, the signs, the music. It's like you're really in a different world, and it's certainly not gonna stop just so you're all caught up. You're in the middle of it and it's up to you to figure it out.

bronxsta2569d ago

I hate articles like this. As if every FPS is multiplayer-oriented, with a crappy campaign.

Mirror's Edge
Crysis 1/2
Brothers in Arms series

zerocrossing2569d ago

Yeah I agree. The FPS genre is still standing strong imo, but I think the problem is a lot of gamers are just choosing mp and ignoring sp all together.

Some devs notice this and start focusing on the mp more, leaving the sp as just some tagged on extra that most people playing the game mite never even play.

Games like metroid Prime, Half life and such, have done some incredible things with the fist person look, I think if more devs incorporated some of things these games did, they could make a truly great FPS to carry us over into the next gen.

Lord_Sloth2569d ago


FPS titles are far too abundant right now, single player and offline both. It's very annoying. We need to be more concerned about saving the old school RPG instead. FPS games are currently doing just fine in case you haven't noticed.

zerocrossing2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

That's a good point.

Some people would argue that the RPG genre is still going strong, but the majority of RPG titles now are on handhelds and I don't think its entirely a coincidence.

With the exception of Mass Effect and Final Fantasy, a lot of the RPG's that get a console release are largely overlooked in the west. I think the fact that many Western devs haven't made any pure RPG titles hilights the fact that there seems to be little demand for the genre, but as a gamer who is a huge fan of the genre like many others, I know that this is not the case.

It seems to me that the RPG genre has been put on the back burner for now, while devs concentrate on genres they no will sell well, Its a shame really since I think the genre has more to offer than the generic perception of (JRPG = spikey haired hero doing odd jobs then saving the world) or (WRPG = misshaped ugly looking hero doing odd jobs then saving the world)

I hope RPG's start making a come back, I have played some fun console RPG's but nothing like the good oll days...