Final Level: Battlefield 3 PC Multiplayer Commentary: Kharg Island Team Deathmatch

Final Level play some TDM on Battlefields Kharg Island and attemps to answer Lewis’ questions about the game.

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fluffydelusions2593d ago

I don't like TDM in this game. Conquest/Rush FTW.

Hufandpuf2592d ago

I actually found TDM hardcore a lot of fun. Although when TDM was announced I told myself I wasn't going to enjoy it.

deadpoole2592d ago

I agree ... TDM is wayy awesome in BF3 than I expected it to be.

Software_Lover2592d ago

I dont think I've played TDM once in Bad Company 2 or BF3 as of yet. Just doesn't seem right, lol. Maps are too small. Might as well wait for MW3 if you're gonna play that

RememberReach2592d ago

Precisely, TDM just doesn't really fit with Battlefield. BF(in my mind) is about large-scale vehicle combat. Tanks, helicopters, APCs, jets, buggies...all working in tandem to accomplish a goal. TDM doesn't have vehicles (understandably so) and I think that detracts from the BF experience.

That being said, I have played a few rounds of it. It just doesn't feel...right. I think it might be due to how atrocious the spawns are.

Squad deathmatch, on the other hand...that's a blast.

joshpoppedyou2592d ago

i tell u what, i completely agree with you on the spawns, this game was out of luck as all i did was press quick game, ill be posting another soon on conquest, my skills will be shot to bits though haha, im like a headless chicken on caspian border