It Doesn’t Matter: Modern Warfare 3 has a ‘Shocking’ Scene

Brandon Coppernoll is getting a bit weary of the way that controversial scenes in M rated games continue to grab misleading headlines.

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Michael-Jackson2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

What a gimmick scene to gain free publicity.

This scene is not that shocking. There's no blood, killing of the child or body parts. Just some flashy explosion.

HarryMasonHerpderp2598d ago

You needed to see body parts of a little girl all over the street to be shocked?
I think its shocking enough knowing that she was killed we dont need to see blood an guts of a little girl thats just too far.

MariaHelFutura2598d ago

Yes....because people dying is shocking.


Prophet-Gamer2598d ago

I think video games and other media have largely desensitized us. Of course, if it happened in real life it'd be shocking but when something "shocking" happens in games, movies, etc. it just doesn't hold the same impact. Not after years of seeing it happen.

Shackdaddy8362598d ago

^^ People dying in real life is COMPLETELY different than people dying in video games/movies.

For example, I saw one of those decapitations on the internet the Taliban does to captured prisoners and it made me throw up all over my keyboard and break it.

theonlylolking2597d ago

What about when anikin skywalker killed all of those toddlers in star wars episode 3? The media did not say crap about that.

Mikeyy2597d ago

I also unfortunately watched the Nick berg murder video.

That was disgusting. Glad the fucker that did it is dead also.

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tickticktick2598d ago

Your avatar makes it so obvious.

Scizz2598d ago

where dat scene @?????

Acquiescence2598d ago

Classic movie. Features a scene where an innocent little girl tries to give back a briefcase that a mobster has suspiciously left behind at a diner. Sure enough, it explodes while said girl, full of good intentions, holds it aloft and shouts "MISTER, YOU FORGOT YOUR BRIEFCASE!"


I was only a baby back then, but I doubt the scene caused much controversy back in '87, so why should Modern Warfare's calculated attempt be any different. Because it's a different medium? Maybe. It's all horses**t either way.

Redempteur2598d ago

but it's written " charity" on the van !!!


i don't know what's so shocking about this scene except the fact that it was too long

Fishy Fingers2598d ago

People gotta moan about something right. Why not COD, plus you look like some kind of cool niche gamer while your at it :)

The Meerkat2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

What's the big issue here.

Bad guys do bad things, that gives you the motivation to kill them.

Would everyone prefer the Russians just kidnapped the Princess and hid her in another castle?

Hanilugtehul2598d ago

NO WAY! Just hide her in the basement! no need too switch castle?!

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