Skyward Sword: Symphony Disc Track List Leaked, Surprisingly Lackluster

We now have the official track list of the symphony CD that comes with the Limited Edition of Skyward Sword. Now, for all we know, some of these tracks might be (and probably are) rather long, especially the ones labeled as "Symphonic Movements". However, it's not really fun to see such a small number of tracks. Heck, the whole thing, including its french translation, managed to fit on a single page from the accompanying booklet.

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lorianguy2592d ago

Lackluster Indeed! For a game known for its music it should be more. Heck! The Mario galaxy CD had at least twice that!

--Onilink--2592d ago

The ones missing are Hyrule Field from Ocarina, Boss Battle Medley, Ocarina Melody Suite, The Legend of Zelda Selected Shorts Suite, Zelda Medley and Ganondorf Theme.

Basically we got 8/14 songs, which is kinda what i expected from Nintendo. I hope they release some kind of DVD that includes video and not just audio that we can purchase, but maybe thats expecting too much

Primal Rex2592d ago

Its a freebie what do you expect its the game that i want !!!