Pre-Order Bonuses, What Should They Be?

This generation every other developer is moving onto delivering DLC to their customers to make as much money as possible, this can prove to be both beneficial and harmful to the customer.

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shaun mcwayne2595d ago

dunno about pre order bonus, but i think if you buy a collectors edition, you should get all the release day content. i was shocked when i got batman ce and did get robin dlc. poor effort.

BakedGoods2595d ago

Here here!

Pre-orders should get DLC. It doesn't mean all DLC, just whatever DLC that store is offering.

Although when it comes to CE's like Batman or Uncharted, paying an extra $30-$40 should get you ALL DLC regardless of store. Like the Killzone 3 CE did.

KonGreat2595d ago

How about a cheaper game if you pre order? I used to pre order, but lately i just wait until the price drops. and pre order bonuses are usually exclusive to some retailers, so its pretty damn useless here in europe.

C_Menz2595d ago

Since the DLC model and pre-order crap is here to stay I hope that it will somewhat follow this sort of path. Either have small bonuses that have little to no effect on a game, for example skins for multi-player. Or if you pre-order you get a code(note: not an online pass) that guarantees you free DLC for up to 6 months after the release date.

This way the preorder bonuses won't effect a game that much or with the second option it would simply be a bonus for you to pre-order.

Personally I think it has gotten a bit out of hand with all of the online passes, release day DLC, cut content, DLC on disc, etc. but it seems like at least for consoles it is here to stay sadly.

xVeZx2595d ago

preorder bonuses should be available to everybody after maybe 2 or 3 weeks after the game comes out for a price on the store or marketplace...

KidMakeshift2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Preorders shouldn't be about dlc but exclusive swag worth having or like with Kmart and Amazon offering $20 discounts on future purchases

I'm 100% against DLC

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