Assassins creed movie turned down

Many a studios turned down the Assassins Creed movie project why? Well vulture states that it was due to creative control over the project. The deal allows Ubisoft approval over everything from budget and script to casting and the release date, one of the bosses at a studio that dropped out said that.

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BakedGoods2599d ago

If Ubisoft is going to pay for most of it, then why not let them take control.

zainnaeem19932598d ago

that was the deal in the first place hence so many studios declined and utimatel sony accepted

DarkBlood2598d ago

yeah in all honestly its better this way instead of letting some other professional directors have creative control because i think we all know damn well that it wouldnt be anything super close to the games had it happen otherwise

chiwoo2598d ago

I think it's good they have control the prince of persia movie was good cause the creator helped out on it it also did well at the Box office. It's great Ubisoft cares for one of there best game series turned into a movie.

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The story is too old to be commented.