Famitsu's 20 Most Wanted Games

Final Fantasy XIII-2 became #1 last week and it still holds that position, though the rest of the top 20 has seen some shakeup.

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Jappy-k72593d ago

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is my most wanted!

imoutofthecontest2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Not long ago, that game was #4 on the list. The genre of dating sims featuring teens and preteens (see also: Love Plus) is pretty huge in Japan.

Look up "AKB 1/48" for PSP. It was at the top of Japan's sales charts the week it came out. I love me some Japanese games but I just can't figure out that trend....

Aery2593d ago

Japan is another world. No really, that list is "impressive".
Sony and PS3 must say THANKS to the western developer. Really.

Amphion2593d ago

wow just look at all those 360 games

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