Bethesda Sister Dev Licenses HeroEngine for MMO, Rumors of Elder Scrolls Online Persist

ZeniMax Online, the recently established online wing of Bethesda parent company ZeniMax Media, today announced it has licensed Simutronics' HeroEngine for use in its upcoming MMO.

The HeroEngine is a 3D engine and server technology platform originally developed for use in Simutronics' MMORPG Hero's Journey. BioWare Austin licensed the engine in 2006 for use in its own MMO collaboration with LucasArts.

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gamesblow3739d ago

Umm... sure... whatever. On a side note, I'm buying the expansion pack this week on the PSN!! Whooooooooooooooooo!

moses3739d ago

We don't need another MMO, what we need is Oblivion to be multiplayer. Think of it, a server of 2~16 people playing thought the story line, with sooo many side quests optional. That would make me buy the game all over again.