Gay Gamer Gets Virtual Verbal Beating - YouTube Recording

A gay gamer got an earful when he used the name "xxxGayBoyxxx" for XBox's gun-happy Halo 3. He explains:

"This is what happens when gay Masterchiefs don't abide by 'Don't ask Don't tell'.

Watch what ensues when I use a gamertag that's proud and unambiguous, xxxGayBoyxxx.

Other than maybe a quick 'hello' to the chat room or a request to 'veto', I didn't ever say anything first or taunt anyone. What was said by these players was initiated by them with no provocation on my part. The vast majority of the times I wouldn't even respond back so the audio would be clear."

The results aren't pretty. Nor is the language...

Update: webmaster Flynn DeMarco follows up this video by saying:

"Back when we were hacked, the story got around to various websites and the one question that many uninformed readers asked was 'Why does there need to be a gay gaming website? Can't we all just be gamers? Why do they have to segregate themselves?' I think one viewing of this video will explain exactly why."

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techie3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

Both MaxPrime and TheJudge. Calling this lame is insulting, and saying it's "not for n4g". Come on, this is a serious matter, quite disturbing, and certainly very important as games move towards social networking. Abuse on social networks - xboxlive and psn, is an issue that n4g should be mature enough to look at. And it needn't be a "news story" to be news worthy, Plus i think it's pretty pertinent news.

Boink3915d ago

But there is a big feedback system built into XBL to which this should be reported. it could also be sent to moderators at the xbox forums.

The fact that there are bigots, idiots, racist and just all around jerks online in any environment do not constitute news.

techie3915d ago

Tough call. But the debate is certainly there, and if this post promotes it then why not.

Texas GMR3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

but this kid got what he asked for.

On XBOX LIVE you deal with alot of young kids (and young adults) who love to talk smack about anything, no matter what it is. Then you come into a room with that name.

I've seen alot of people joke about other competitors names. You have to be totally naive to think nothing is going to be said about your gamertag.

techie3915d ago

Most of those commenting weren't teenagers.

beoulve3915d ago

why is he hiding those offender names???? show them man, why protect them?

Robeezy3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

Am i missing something here? That was freaking hilarious

edit: deep, ok maybe "i want to hang you" is a bit much, but 95% of it is pure gold

THE_JUDGE3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

I have to disagree with you here. This isn't news worthy and has little to nothing to do with gaming at large so it LAME!!!! People get made fun of all the time for various reasons in and out of gaming, grow up! Everyone who makes fun of people grow up, and everyone ones been made fun of so get over it. Again this isn't news and didn't need to be on the site. We have already had news posts like this before so its getting old. We have better stuff to cover that more to do with games than gays. You want to discuss things like this, take it to the forums, thats why we have them.

techie3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

All of it was hilarious? Some of it was amusing, but "I hope you die" "you know you're going to hell" with offensive name calling is not hilarious.

TheJudge. If you think this isn't an issue AT ALL then you are wrong, and are along with the repressing and ignorant people that keep society in the dark ages. It is an issue, and should be discussed, whether this video is the best vehicle to do so is another matter. But saying this is not relevant at all is endorsing this behaviour.

THE_JUDGE3915d ago

I don't condone the behavior of those people but I don't think that this is news and thus this isn't the forum to have this discussion. If you would like to discuss gays in games then take it to the forums. This isn't news.

JsonHenry3915d ago

lol, I think I was one of those guys on there making fun of him. Not be because he is gay, but because he is dumb enough to use the name "gayboy".

If you have a name like that, you deserve all the abuse you get.

marinelife93915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

I've heard Blacks, Asians and Hispanics get made fun of online as well. If he is proud enough to advertise a choice that he has made in his life publicly then he should be secure enough to accept public feedback. Sadly this is the real world virtual or otherwise.

Icecold333915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

I disagree with you 100%. No one deserves this type of ignorant and immature abuse from anyone; regardless of their name. Anyone that feels that they have the right to verbally abuse someone because of their sexual preference let along their screen name has some serious problems that need to be dealt with swiftly and harshly. That video was both disturbing and repulsive.

I think he should send the video to MS/XBL and if it's clear enough, each of the offending live accounts should be permanent banded. No exceptions.

What's next a person get on with the last name of johnson, people start asking him about his mom and what size johnson does she like? I wish there was some type of way to turn the tide on those guys, maybe they need to experience it so that they can get a clue of how demeaning it is. My cousin was beat to death by a bunch of @$$holes at a club because they thought he was gay, here's the screwed up part, he wasn't.

I say make an example out of them!

ruibing3915d ago

I think it is horrible that you believe that he deserved such a thing. That is like saying a southern interracial couple deserve to be persecuted, a young middle eastern deserve to be raped for showing more skin in public than she is allowed, or a young gay couple deserve to be beaten to death for showing affection to each other in public.

People need to start thinking more about what they think and what they do nowadays. Even the smallest verbal abuse and name calling can escalate to something horrid. The actions and words you speak have consequences on those around you.

OldParr3915d ago

i get insult just because of my accent and its freaking ridculous, but i know how to deal with those people and i wont let a stupid ass uneducated MF to insult me and i dont even care what happens to my account.they send me bad feedback just because they hear me talking in a different language.leaving feedback to racist people is useless to me,there is no satisfaction cause i dont know what happens after that,so i rather confront them.and just for the record there 32 freaking countries that speak spanish,not only mexico.i dont even know how is the live of a mexican in the US,so dont approach me without lack of knowledge.i cant believe the most powerful country in the world has such sad wonder,they got a shtty president that instead of spending money in educating this little kids about such issue, he spends it in a war where thousands of their own die far away from home.good job america

and gayboy w/e u are is up to u and its ur problem.i got gay friends,they respect me from being straight and i respect them from being glad i hang out with rational people

FF7numba13915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

I dont know why he came in with that name on xbox live. Could have pulled it of on psn maybe.

ARBitrator3915d ago


The idiots that make fun of people based on race, color, creed, sexual preference, etc. Are a very small minority when compared to the rest of the country. I hope that you don't think all Americans are like that, because if you do, then you are just as ignorant as the people that you protest against.

Please understand, you will always hear about things when that are bad, that's because that's what the press feed on, in both your country (Whatever it is) and mine. For you to go on your rant about the American president and all this other BS is kinda weak. Because I'm sure that most of that sh!t you were talking about America and it's president is propaganda that you hear or seen on TV.

I'm not sure what country you are from, but If it ever got invaded by another country and none of the worlds super powers came to your aid, then America and whoever else that didn't show up would be a bunch of jerks for that too right. (Whatever America does, there's always some other country whining about it. Just can't please everyone.) Who knows, maybe they will use the excuse that they have spent their money on education so that couldn't come and help. Also, unless you vote in this country, you have no right to judge our president.

I agree that the guys that bashed you and those the bashed the gay guy are completely out of line and they are a bunch of jerks. But, they don't even begin to represent America. Trust me, I'm well traveled and these type of things are not limited to America. I apologize if I appear to be a bit harsh about this, but I did 20 years in the US military, and I have sat in many countries freezing my A$$ off or getting shot at. Trust me, I would have much rather been at home. Hanging out with my sons.

Lacarious3915d ago

i have yet to listen but I'm sure it's going to be comedy gold.

fusionboxer3915d ago

This ain't right. Regardless of whether it made you laugh or not, the fact of the matter is another human being is being demoralized simply because he decided to put a couple of letters from the alphabet in a certain order.

I'm from San Francisco and I'll admit I have some gay friends and to them they didn't choose to be gay, but simply are. You know just like the idiots in the video didn't choose to be ignorant.

I mean isn't it sad that we get racist idiots putting nooses on a tree after all that has been done (jena6)? Verbal abuse on gays and openly saying they wish they would die and they want to hang them from a tree is just as bad. I mean it's wierd.

Gamers are often the first to criticize society and the government on how dumb everybody is when we (as gamers) allow a small group to make us all out to be hypocritical jerks.

So next time you hear some idiot making fun of someone for something they probably can't change (race, sexual preference, or even sex (female gamers)) don't laugh and stand up to the fool speaking. Don't be a punk and give gamers a better name.

sloth4urluv3915d ago

I have nothing against gay people, but with a name like gayboy your just asking for abuse.

He may be prud that hes gay, but I dont see his need to go around and anounce to everyone that hes gay.

Im straight an im proud of it, does that mean I should let everyone know im straight and create a name xxxHeteroBoyxxx.

while im at it why dont I let everyone know that I am a devout christian or muslim and create a name like xxxGodIsGreatxxx or xxxPraiseAllahxxx.

If he dosnt want abuse he should change his name to something normal, it wont make him any less gay.

skillshot3915d ago

Having any name that directly reflects yourself online is an open invitation for abuse.

Its annoying that people will insult about things, but, with people knowing that, its annoying that someone will go on there with a name like that.

No offence to the guy, but I dont care if he is gay or not. It annoys me when gay people feel the need to let everyone know. People shouldn't feel like they need their sexuality to be obvious to everyone. I dislike purposly camp people in the same way I dislike alpha males.

You know you are in for trouble with a name like that, or like "xxxFatAssxxx", "xxxBigNosexxx", "xxxSmallC0ckxxx", "xxxIveSleptWith1000Women CusIAmSexyxxx". I feel more sorry for the people who had their game ruined by everyone talking.

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techie3915d ago

Round Peg don't post your comments as "other"...instead post them as BadEditing...then you can do a faux edit and fix them...meaning your comments will still be there, but they won't count as reports.

mikeslemonade3915d ago

XBL is more descriminating than PSN.

Lex Luthor3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

Why does he need to use the tag "gayboy"?
I don't need to know that he's gay, was he expecting special treatment or something?

You don't see a black person using a tag "blacknegro" do you?

He's only playing games for crying out loud. It's like walking up to random people on the street and telling them your gay, NO ONE CARES!!!

Meus Renaissance3915d ago

He was asking for that, to be honest with you. No doubt about it. What mature homosexual would call themselves such a term, and play Halo 3 of all games where you know you'll get trash talked, it's part of the experience.

Although having said that, it was kind of disheartening to hear all of the abuse towards him. I'll be honest, I did chuckle at the "I'll watch his back, I'll watch that a$$".

Danja3915d ago

or maybe he wanted to expose how violent and retarded those xbox-live users really are..

Boink3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

you act like it's only XBL that has bigots and racists on it. sorry to say i've heard it on PSN, as well as quite a efw MMO's online as well.

They are everywhere. and the problem, people are trying to make what is an obvious social problem into something against MS, or that this is just something isolated to XBL.

and the round peg is trying to say MS does nothing about it, which is completely false. I know of 2 people who used to be on my friends list that had their accounts banned for acting racist online. 1 of them has re-oepened another account and says he has stopped, (I have refused to re-add him in case anyone is wondering).

just because they don't ban an account ASAP does not mean they are doing nothing about it.

ruibing3915d ago

I think the point is how immature online gaming is. Listening to the verbal abuse, it began with a single question towards his sexuality and then everyone else joined in as a group mentality formed against him. It almost seemed as if anyone not taunting him was queer himself.

I mean isn't it quite the same everywhere else in life? Yet when people are playing a simple game online hundreds of miles away from each other, you would think they would build up a small tolerance against people of different ethnicity, sexuality, and gender.

Those off-colored comments may seem funny to you guys, but they could be highly traumatizing to the victim. And when you all say that he was asking for it, it is like someone else saying that a guy openly showing his sexuality and then gets beaten to death by a gang of teenagers (we've all seen the news) is asking for it.

Icecold333915d ago

Why does it matter what name he uses, why do you use "lex luther". Perhaps the superman haters organization will verbally attack you the next time you go on xbox live.

I hate it when people feel that they have the right to attack people for any other reason than to defend yourself whether it be verbal or physical. People that say "he deserved it" as just as ignorant as those the committed the offense.

kidrobot3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

EXACTLY!!! Is Like Who Gives A Phuck If He's Gay, White, Black, Asian Or Latin!? When You're Playin Online, No Matter Where; You Know That You're Gonna Hear Sh!t Talkin' From Everyone, I Mean, All These Ppl That Be Out There Threatin', Talkin' How Bad They Are And Sh!t Like That. That's What They Do, They Can't Go Out There On The Street and Say It To Somebody's Face So They Go Somewhere Where They Can't Be Touched, They Know They Can't Front Because They're Just A Couple Dumb Lil' Kids Playin Online, They Must Be Like 15-17 Maybe More Because There's Always Grown @ss "Mens" Being Inmature Everywhere. So He Asked For It. Was He Thinkin' He'll Get A Boyfriend There? Was He Waitin' For A Special Treatment Like LEX Said?... HE ASKED FOR IT, Though Those Dumb B!tches Cant Even Put up A Fight...



C_SoL3915d ago

so if a black would put his tag as "blacknegro" would u be calling him a nigger & other racial name calling.....the why u said it makes u sound like a other racist white(as usual)...but ya then again he was asking for it, seeing that a lot of people hate gays even though there people....

tony3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )


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Danja3915d ago ShowReplies(3)
toughNAME3915d ago

who parades their sexuality around like that?

The same thing will happen if you wear a shirt saying "im gay" and walk around wearing it

This is an incredibly lame article, in all walks of life you will be critizied for being homosexual and then bragging about it...not just on xbox LIVE

ktchong3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

A while ago, there's report of a black guy who got harassed in the same way just because he spoke with a black accent.

Some Chinese guy who put "Asian" in his screen name got harassed in the same manner by American teenagers.

The problem is that Xbox Live is a place that runs wild with bigotry and racism, and Microsoft is endorsing it because they refuse to do anything about it. Microsoft knows that letting those spoiled brats run wild is the best way to earn their money.

chester3915d ago

what is MS supposed to do exactly? not trying to be a smart-ass, but beyond censoring people i'm not sure what they can do about speech over the internet. i agree that it's horrible that it happens, but really there is nothing that can be done. i guess banning people from chat if they get enough complaints, but that is hard to do accurately and fairly and could be abused as well. it happens in every platform where there is the opportunity for chat; pc games, the psn, etc. unfortunately, if people want to not be the eye of moronic gamers, they will have to have a mundane tag like "jim" and basically just keep to themselves. yes it sucks, but unfortunately not much can be done.

SmokeyMcBear3915d ago

a black accent??? what the hell is that supposed to mean, i mean seriously.. i really have no idea, does that mean like an african accent, or what?

StarsCream3915d ago

He obviously created the account to test the waters and create this example of pathetic creatures that inhabit the internet (very prominintly on XBL in particular). Doesnt take a genius to figure out it was an exercise.

PS: SMB, dont be coy, you just make your name seem more appropriate.

brianpk803912d ago

Some people take pride in who they are. And no, gay people aren't "criticized" in all walks of life. Where I'm from (Eastern Pennsylvania, United States) the only people who complain and get all hot and bothered about gays & lesbians are secretly gay themselves. It happens all the time. Otherwise, most people are pretty chill and have better things to worry about.

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