10 signs that deep down, you really want a Wii

QuickJump writes:

"It's no secret that Nintendo's hot selling Wii console is a commercial success and is a big hit with casual gamers. However, it still doesn't seem to have won over the hearts of the hardcore gamers as it's continually dismissed by some as a child's plaything.

Sure enough, those who take genuine interest in the Nintendo Wii are discouraged to get one for fear of being made fun of. If you want a Wii, there's really no reason to be ashamed of it. Its content orientation may differ from traditional consoles, but that doesn't mean it isn't as much fun. We therefore suspect that underneath all that fanboy angst against the Nintendo Wii is a soft spot in the ever hardcore heart. What are the symptoms? Consider these..."

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lonestarmt3955d ago

give the wii to your mom? sigh......

nope, I do not want the wii, and deep down I think I might hate it. lol.

HowarthsNJ3955d ago

if it gets all the old Mario/Zelda/Metroid content.

I have no use for Wii-mote based games though. Classic NES/SNES and CG contollers for me.

stunt2133955d ago

This is a f*cking retarded article

lonestarmt3955d ago

yeah virtual console does interest me, though, I have to agree.

ngg123453955d ago

Super Mario Galaxy is teh awesome

Shaka2K63955d ago

How about.

10 signs that deep down, you really know the wii sucks hard.

all fanbots wished deep down they could play games like the ones in the xbug 260 and PS3.

And milkio galaxy is boring trash.

Danja3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

Nope I don't want a Wii..besides who couldn't afford a Wii if they really wanted for the Virtual PSP can also play those old PS1 games..for free..!!

gamesblow3955d ago

ahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah.. .. Oh, man... This is the funniest article yet on N4G. WOW! I laughed until I cried at how they're trying to tell me I want a tacky piece of last gen plastic like the wii. I wouldn't buy a wii if I could profit off it. Nuff said.

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The story is too old to be commented.