VGChartz - European Charts for Week Ending 25th November 2007

Despite a lacklustre performance from Sony in the software sales in Europe, it seems that they're doing pretty well in the hardware department, if you were to believe the latest figures from VGChartz. Yet it isn't the PS3, Wii or Xbox 360 that raises a few eyebrows.

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Meus Renaissance3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

We all know VGChartz figures are rarely specifically right, but if the scope (difference) between the X360 and the PlayStation 3 are similar to what their numbers imply, then I'm pretty confident that Sony will beat the X360 this Christmas, atleast as far as Europe and Japan is concerned.

I just wish they'd actually start to buy games! How much Sony would have loved to have Metal Gear Solid ready for Christmas. But those sales will come when it's released, just would have been better to take advantage of the holiday spending spree.

TheMART3885d ago

I wouldn't be so sure about that...

You know that for Europeans this is the first price drop they experienced from the overpriced 600 Euro price tag of the PS3 before right?

We didn't have the 600 to 500 drop back in July.

So a group of people waited longer, that in USA got the PS3 @ 500 in July. That's why sales hold up for some weeks. Europe Christmas sales for 360/PS3 will be on par. USA the 360 will slaughter the PS3. World wide the 360 will outsell the PS3 2:1

Meus Renaissance3885d ago

I don't believe the PS3 will be slaughted in sales in North America, I'm sure the 360 will more there, on a 2:1 ratio but in Europe it wont. Overall, I'm hoping for it to be pretty even in sales between both consoles this holidays but it would be ground breaking if Sony did sell more in all regions combined.

Husso3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Vgcharts German October numbers.
wii = 30993
360 = 16447
ps3 = 25454

Wii - 28,000
360 - 12,000
PS3 - 37,000

Stop believing Wii retard bs from VgfagCharts

Devr3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

The price drop went into effect on October 10th. So the sales have "held up" for a month and 16 days.

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Douchebaggery3885d ago

Fake enthusiasm, nice another sales charts. Sarcastic, numbers are what gaming is all about.

power of Green 3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Looking better for the 360 its just Italy and Spain where PS3 picked up and is crushing the 360 not to mention Germany seems to be a PS3 country. The rest of the countries the 360 is closing the gap and passing the PS3 but those few counties that do favor PS3 are buying lots of consoles and they're all PS3's.

NA/AU etc may be too much for even the Japan's figures factored in. I don't see how the mighty PS3 come back is possible.

Oh well VG-Charts is not spot on(as they say over-seas)Wouldn't read too much into it.

PS3 has been beating the 360 by around 30k sence it started winning in EU. I read some comments from the site with people saying PS3 is running the 360 into the gound now. lol

VG-charts has been off by many of thousands, have fun.

Meus Renaissance3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Actually, if you want to look at these figures and compare them with previous weeks, the gap between the PS3 and Xbox 360 is growing in Sony's favour. But I'd like it to atleast match the UK sales, but overall sales are what really counts, not individual countries. That's the motto when the Japanese figures are released, right? So why not when the European figures are released?

Meus Renaissance3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Almost half a million in a week for the DS. Lol, its unstoppable. It's becoming the gaming facet of the iPod cultural revolution. And Meus would like one too.

It's those stupid Nicole Kidman commercials that every over weight housewife falls in love with. "I want to be like Nicole, I know what I want for Christmas now". Sony and Microsoft need to get someone in pronto to do something similar.

Gamespot-equals-EGM3885d ago

I never knew Nicole Kidman was hawking the Nintendo DS (don't watch much tv). I looked up the commercials on youtube, good commercials, they will definately help to sell a ton of DS's.

(btw, she looks pretty hot in the commercials).

Blitzed3885d ago

Maybe I'm just getting old but I just dont see the appeal of the DS. Obviously I'm the minority and it really bugs me that I dont get it. What am I not seeing? When I saw it launch I literally laughed and thought "Nintendo just doesn't get it" but it looks as if the jokes on me. Is it a cultural thing, because I dont think I have seen a single person in public (Canada) with a DS, yet I have seen plenty of PSPs. Well, back to recording my mixed cassettte.

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