Cancelled Diddy Kong Pilot Gameplay Video Emerges

Dualshock Nexus: Diddy Kong Pilot is a cancelled game that was set to release on Game Boy Advance back in the day. Check out this newly released gameplay video showing Kritter vs. Diddy Kong.

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Wick2569d ago

I loved Diddy Kong Racing and still do. It was disappointing to hear about Donkey Kong Racing being cancelled years ago.

This video doesn't look that great. Still, it's a shame that there hasn't been some sort of a sequel to what was a great game.

brettyd2569d ago

annnddd thats why it was cancelled. i love diddy king racing on N64 but that looked awful.

multipayer2569d ago

They also reskinned it and called it Banjo Pilot, and nothing was lost. Also, Diddy Kong Racing was remade for nintendo DS. Now that would be almost relevant information.

I hope Rare isn't making Kinect Sports now for the rest of their days. Xbox needs gaems.

2569d ago
CanadianTurtle2568d ago

I can understand why it was cancelled. The gameplay looks like it just wont work with the GBA's capabilities.