Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 sales top PlayStation 3 and PC combined

Battlefield 3 has had a great first week of sales, but it's clear now that the Xbox 360 version is the clear winner in terms of units sold.

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Agent-862391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

The title is deceiving, especially when they concede the fact in the last paragraph that it doesn't include digital sales. PC download sales are going to be at least double the retail sales; most PC gamers don't get their games at retail anymore. I know I didn't and I know not one of the members of my gaming community have either. I'm guessing that the PC sales are closer to 1.5 million than the 500 thousand the article is stating. Surprised anyone takes VGChartz as gospel (where these figures originally came from), especially for PC sales.

Laxman2391d ago

No one takes it as gospel. You know, I have not seen one comment or post from a member on this site about VG Charts being credible.

Kamikaze1352391d ago

Tell that to all the fanboys praising the article.

NEW-AGE2391d ago

Guess Without Uncharted 3, they have less choices

Septic2391d ago

I play on PC and you're right, everyone I know bought this via Origin.

zeeshan2391d ago

And what's the source of these numbers? Are they worldwide numbers? U.S only? I would rather wait to hear the official numbers from EA.

mike_d_2390d ago

Does it really matter?

SilentNegotiator2390d ago

We all know that the title is balderdash. Even the author says that it isn't including digital downloads. So why did the author even make this article? Teh hits, baby. teh hits.

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damnyouretall2391d ago

yeah, 360 has always been my shooter console of choice. like many others i suppose

boommuffin2390d ago

still its ironic since the 360 version was made out to be the "inferior" of the 3

Biggest2390d ago

It's only ironic here. No one else cares about which version is better. They buy it for the system they feel like buying it for.

awi59512391d ago

The major digital retailers arent reporting and they are posting orders sillyness.

ChrisW2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

It's no surprise because a majority of PC users, like me, are waiting for EA and VALVE to get their act together so we can purchase it for Steam instead of EA's cumbersome digital downloader and launcher.

Oh... and of course, digital sales aren't posted. But we all [should] know that.

RumbleFish2390d ago

Are you serious? You are waiting for them to put it on Steam? Man, don't wait. The game is awesome and what you call a cumbersome launcher actually works pretty good.

ChrisW2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

I used it for Metal of Honor. While it was passable, it wasn't stellar. And I call it cumbersome because of the amount of logging in I have to do.

I bought a retail of BF:BC2 when it first came out, and then later when I found it on Steam on sale during last Christmas, I bought it again. This time, I'm not going to buy two copies of a game. I'll wait.

Prophet-Gamer2391d ago

My god I don't get the point of all these articles. Yes, we all know that the 360 version sold more and it's quite obvious why:

1. The 360 leads by 11 million in shooter nation
2. Shooters are very popular with the 360 fanbase

Is anyone really surprised?

Anon19742390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

We've already been over this VGChartz nonsense. We've been over this before, and VGChartz has been busted in the past for posting European numbers without zero sample data from actual European retailers.

These numbers may be accurate, but given VGChartz track record on software sales data, no self respecting site would ever post an article based on their fiction.

I guess bf3blog doesn't fall into that "self respecting site" category. And this article has been done before. Please report as "Dupe".

I'll reserve judgement until I see real numbers from EA. It's bad enough to see these type of flamebait "My game sells more than your game" crap articles when it's legit, it's even worse when it's not even something that's been confirmed.

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KingSlayer2391d ago

And is played more online on PS3.

fluffydelusions2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Not according to BF3stats:

PC - 130k
PS3 - 156k
360 - 215k

This is nothing really though. MW3 will easily have over 2 million players on launch day on 360...maybe even 3 million. I believe Blops had over 2 million and MW3 last week was at 2.5m preorders on 360 with a 400k+ change from the previous week. I'm sure MW3 preorders will be around 3m by launch day. Will be interesting numbers.

ChrisW2391d ago

I'd blame it on EA and VALVE not agreeing. I, myself, am waiting for it to be released on Steam. Mostly because EA's downloader and launcher is rather shoddy in comparison.

palaeomerus2391d ago

Wow. KingSlayer just got stepped on like a bug. LOL!

Ddouble2391d ago

Bfstats always changes. I checked it now and its.

PC online
163 482
PS3 online
164 279
360 online
142 084

It depends on the time of the day that you c heck it.

duplissi2390d ago


im contemplating buying it again when it is released on steam, just so i can get rid of origin GAWD origin is absolute crap compared to steam.

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yesmynameissumo2391d ago

Is that supposed to matter? I pose this question to you both.

joeyisback2391d ago

game is garbage traded it in today it sucks bad company and medal of honor was better

fluffydelusions2391d ago

What exactly about it is garbage? I like it quite a bit.

_LarZen_2391d ago

He probably didnt get 40 kills and got a ego boost....becaus as you know BF3 is all about team work and all.

brettyd2391d ago

medal of honors MP was garbage.

Laxman2391d ago

Single player of Medal of Honor was the single best campaign I have ever palyed in a modern war shooter. Purely amazing.

Mulitplayer had some good ideas, but all round was terribly executed and will not be remembered.

Hufandpuf2391d ago

The single player lacked polish, but I agree, it was original and a refreshing take on a modern war shooter.

Muffins12232391d ago

I sense exclusive deal for next battlefield on xbox :D

hazardman2391d ago

it wouldnt be a bad exclusive to have!!

TheBlackMask2391d ago

Why would Microsoft waste there money on another FPS...they have COD which isn't even an exclusive. I think there fine

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radphil2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

"I sense exclusive deal for next battlefield on xbox :D"

*PC Oriented multiplatform game being exclusive on ONE console*


Laxman2391d ago

Most PC gamers are ignorant to the fact that the PC market is not financially good for games, and the excluive buyout of a franchise would more than make up for the sales lost. Console exclusives sell more than essentially all multiplatform games, plus the exclusivity fee. It would most likely be an extremely successful move, but it will not happen because its EA. They are too big to let thier FPS posterboy be exclusive.

radphil2391d ago

"Most PC gamers are ignorant to the fact that the PC market is not financially good for games"

Must have missed the memo, cause Valve is raking in the billions.

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