Skyrim's Trophies Revealed (Spoiler Free)

The trophy list for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been revealed. Theres more good news as the trophy list is very spoiler free, other than a few mission names you won’t have anything spoiled.

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Kal8532571d ago

This info is many weeks old.

NukaCola2571d ago

I don't spoiler names or descriptions for trophies/achievements.

Imagine something like:

I See Dead People: (Silver/25g) Find out Bruce Willis is really a ghost.

NukaCola2571d ago

I dont get N4G with disagreers sometimes. There are plenty of story based achievements/trophies that tell a keep plot in the desciption and it's a big WTF cause it kind of ruins the game a bit. I like skimming the trophies to plan out how to get them all, and some trophies you need to know what they are for cause yo can miss them if they are tucked away or part of a segment you cant replay. (example is the KICK A GUY WHILE FLYING trophy in Assasin's Creed II, you only have one part to get it right or maybe the one DLC knowing you get a trophy for it means you'll be looking out for it)

fragnificent2571d ago

OMG i was just about to watch that movie :(

StraightPath2571d ago

Trophies dont look that bad, thankfully no collecting 200 collectables all around the world

Pain2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

lol They all new to me!!

:P i work lots so i missed

Stapes72571d ago

Trophies look pretty good, as StraightPath said, no stupid "collecting" ones. I actually think I'll be able to get my first (and probably last) platinum trophy.

dragon822571d ago

These trophies are like Oblivion's achievements. You should be able to get them all just by playing the game normally.

Stapes72567d ago

There was no trophies for Oblivion

dragon822567d ago

"These trophies are like Oblivion's ACHIEVEMENTS."

^^^ I said they are like Oblivion's achievements which ARE in the 360 version of the game. That is why I said achievements and not trophies. :P

Stapes72565d ago

Yes i know you said achievements, I was just saying that i couldn't get a platinum trophy for it.

Acquiescence2571d ago

but is it just me or do games very recently seem to be holding back on the gold trophies? Uncharted 3 only has a measly one this time round, Arkham City has a colossal amount of crap to achieve and in the end only gives out one gold for doing everything the game has to offer. Now Skyrim comes along and doesn't even have the common courtesy to go above a silver for maxing out your characters level, which in a game this sprawling will probably be a very time-consuming challenge.

I mean, it's not a huge issue or anything. Trivial stuff essentially. Just can't help but notice that trophy lists seemed a lot more generous a year ago.

FENDR2571d ago

i think i found ur gold trophy addiction

Acquiescence2571d ago

I'm not touching that game with a 60ft barge pole, but that is a whole lot of gold dust!

extermin8or2571d ago

lol it's worth playign just for those trophys-otherwise it's one of the worst games i've played this generation

kirbus2571d ago

its funny that there is alot of hype over wether warewolves will be in the game or not, but one trophie is for joining "the circle" which is a group of warewolves, i found info here http://elderscrolls.wikia.c...

Xenial2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Nice. No collectibles and a decent amount of trophies. Can't wait to play this.

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