How To Fly Helicopter and Jets in Battlefield 3

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consolez_FTW2593d ago

Jets are my new favorite vehicle in BF3. wayy more efficient than tanks now that I mastered jets. in one swoop with a jet I can take out a tank with those air-to-ground rockets.

MariaHelFutura2592d ago

It not THAT hard to fly them. Everybody crashes the first Neo in the Matrix.

RowSand2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

yea i was passenger on a chopper and some random guy try to take of.. but we all ended up in the sea.. he crashed. so me and remain passengers had to swim for the land :(

Spenok2592d ago

I just wish the Jets had more then Machine guns to start with.

Since im just now starting to experiement with Jets i feel useless in the sky, and all the other jets have flairs and rockets i just get shot down pretty much right away.

guess ill just have to keep playing until i get that lucky kill and start unlocking anything lol.

Paradicia2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

For flying Helicopters it's all about keeping your roll,yaw and pitch level balanced with which way you rotate the copter. Left stick controls 360 degree in a circle and the right stick handles dips and turns.

It took me a few attempts to nail the handling, but what I found to be one of the biggest helps in the game was the "Fire from above" Co-op mission in which you get the chance to fly a heli through a whole level. One slip and you have to start again, it may take a few tries but it's worth it because you get used to the controls.

mike_d_2592d ago

Just swap the stick layout to southpaw and voila!!

Ramses32592d ago

Agree, I just wish i unlocked them earlier!

mugoldeneagle032592d ago

And until they fix the Stinger power, I'll stay mostly on the ground. All I need is my Auto-reloader + Zoom Optics and I'm good to go.

Tuxedo_Mask2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

It takes at least two stingers to take down a chopper at 100% health, and it's easier to take them down when their nose is facing you so the flares don't catch the missile. You might as well not even try to hit a plane since there's not much chance of it hitting due to range, speed, and flares.

If they nerf the stinger's power they'd have to increase the ammo count for them since you wouldn't be able to take anything out with them, and don't forget that they're useless against ground vehicles.

wsoutlaw872592d ago

I love the choppers, you can do more with them. I do think people on the ground need to understand spotting because in a jet its a pain when no one is spotting the tanks and snipers, but when there spotted there good as dead.

ShoryukenII2592d ago

I'm learning the jet. I am now able to fly it but it is really hard to shoot other vehicles. I can get helicopters pretty easily unless someone else does but those damn enemy jets are impossible. Thank god I unlocked the heat seekers. I went through hell for that thing. I hate it when I press X to spawn on it but I end up spawning at deployment and see my jet fly away with someone else in it.

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pr0digyZA2592d ago

So far I suck at jets, but that might be due to no flares. As I launch, I just hear a hive of beeps.

Paradicia2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

I had the same problem as you. There's a few guys who will camp the jet spawn and wait for you unfortunately. I got lucky in that I got into a server with people evenly matched in jet upgrades, so I spend my time concentrating on ground targets (Tanks, infantry etc) for the majority of the game. I was surprised to see how many points I racked up just from spotting and assisting in destroying vehicles. I eventually got Flares and heat seekers :)

wsoutlaw872592d ago

I had that same problem with the helicopters but I was the gunner in soe guys helicopter that knew how to fly and had flairs, and in one round, unlocked stealth, flairs, and heat seekers.

Urbz78702592d ago

Heres a tip to help the ppl out that are flying the jets. If you unlocked the SOFLAM in the RECON kit use it to designate enemy vehicles or spot them by HOLDing the Select button or Back botton(dnt kno wat button it is on PC). This is alot easier form them so they dont ramdomly shoot all over the map.

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