GameInformer: Essential Games Of This Generation - Editor's Picks

In Game Informer issue 224, GI ran an essential list of the games from this generation that every gamer absolutely needs to play. While that list was fairly encompassing, it was also just a list. To give context to that list, a few Game Informer editors highlight some of their personal essentials.

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Bolts2232d ago

This list is shit without at least two FPS.

Montrealien2232d ago

you mean, it's shit without games you like right? Because your opinion is the one ruling and correct opinion, amirite?

Bolts2231d ago

What genre drove the development and progress of the current gen of consoles? How can you even look back at the this gen and not mention one FPS. Call of Duty, Halo, Killzone, BF? We're talking about games that defined a generation right there and none of them made the list.

Montrealien2231d ago

You can easily look over an fps in your list.......if you don't like fps games.

wollie2232d ago

what a weird list.

I dont agree at all.

Spenok2231d ago

The only one i agree with is Demons Souls. Its odd they left out some of the more criticly acclaimed games.

I agree with you, for the most part i disagree with this list.

Ed_Gein2232d ago

I would add Mass Effect 2, Uncharted 2, and Bioshock.

But other than those not bad...

wollie2231d ago

i agree with those but i would change ME 2 to ME 1

grailly2232d ago

I would like more explanation to why they chose oblivion over skyrim and demon's souls over dark souls.