Xbox Celebrates a Decade of Excellence and Tribulations

"Well it has been officially ten years since the launch of the original Xbox and five since the launch of the 360. No one would have guessed Microsoft, newcomer to the console industry, would vault ahead of Nintendo's GameCube with their first console and have the ability to compete with Sony’s successor to the PS2, the PlayStation 3."

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lorianguy2570d ago

We have just over a week until it really is 10 years since launch, well in America anyway.

TheWolverine2570d ago

Xbox has indeed had its ups and downs, but have proven to be able to keep up. I believe that they've done the best they can against juggernauts Sony and Nintendo. Hopefully they will continue to one-up each other and keep creating new and inspiring technologies for us all to enjoy.

hennessey862570d ago Show
Optical_Matrix2570d ago

Microsoft have done well. All they need to do is focus next generation. They've done the hardest work of building up a fanbase etc. All they need to now is just invest in new IP's, build up some unique franchises so that they really stand out as a company. Sony and Nintendo have both had to do the same.

green2570d ago

Its hard to believe that its been that long. Got my XBOX febuary 2002 with Halo (which was an accidental purchase), DOA 2 and PGR.Those games i have to say are some of the best launch title games i had ever played. I dont think i have ever completed a games campaign as many times as i did HALO CE.

Also loved SWTOR 2, Jade Empire, Panzer Dragoon ORTA, Jet Set Radio 2, Shenmue 2,Fable, HALO 2, Crimsion Tide, PGR2 etc.

Glad Microsoft entered the console race and i hope there will be another 10 years for the XBOX brand delivering great experiences for their fans.

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The story is too old to be commented.