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Carl B. of writes, "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is by far one of the greatest games to release this generation and was a perennial Game of the Year award winner in 2009. Among Thieves is considered to be a gigantic leap forward for the Uncharted series, and many call it the greatest cinematic experience in any video game. Developer Naughty Dog’s latest PlayStation 3 exclusive, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, is an attempt to take the critically acclaimed Uncharted franchise to even greater new highs. Does Uncharted 3 make significant improvements to the already fantastic formula, or is Uncharted 2‘s shadow just too big?"

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gamer2342570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

u are so late trooooooooooooooool, u3 was just nominated for spike vga awards

RufustheKing2570d ago

Being nominated for a Spike award isn't a sign of brillance tho. as one blogger pointed out earlier that they gave meagan fox a best actress award in 2009. seriously?

anyway UC3 imo is the worst of the UC series but is still one of the best games of the year and that tells you alot about how good UC3 is. Com'on UC4

AbNoRmaL__aGenT2570d ago

yea and Spike TV is for men! *burps and farts at same time, then crushes can of beer on head, just before fighting someone who did the same exact thing*. But in all seriousness, Spike sucks and should not be taken seriously.

Bathyj2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

This is the problem.

Everyones just comparing it to part 2.

While thats expected to a certain extent, the game should be judged on its own merits.

Chitown712912570d ago

Im sorry....and I know ima get backlash for this. But Uncharted 2 is not better than 3. By any means. U2 story wise was repetitive. Drake finds a clue, to the next clue, then he Lazaravich finds out about the clue before he does. Drake meets up there. Shootout. Escape. Repeat. Uncharted 3 is more emotional , bigger in scope, and not unexpected, but they do throw a few curveballs at you. Plus multiplayer is a hell of an improvement!!! IGN gave it the right score and they do hand it out 10's when their deserved (Minus GTA4)

2570d ago
Chitown712912570d ago

Agreed. But I think the pacing is better in Uncharted 3......

SonyStyled2570d ago

in your defense it is less predictible im finding. i have yet to complete it though unfortunately. also, every uncharted game is find a clue, to the next clue, and the bad guys are already ahead, typically. isnt that what makes it a fortune hunting game though? if it wasnt for the baddies being ahead of nathan, it would be as simple a game as if x was marked on the spot

LarVanian2570d ago

@ Desert Turtle

Dude, nothing personal but I had to report your comment because it contains a massive spoiler. You need to be careful as there are a huge amount of people who have not finished Uncharted 3 yet.

Chitown712912570d ago

Haha true. But I'm just saying Uncharted 3 felt different to me. At least in the beginning it does. We get to know the characters and then we get into the action. And the set pieces built up nicely. The airplane, the ship level, the horse riding. All of these parts had some type of motive behind them. In Uncharted 2 we got on a train, and we had a helicopter try to shoot us cuz Lazaravich wanted us dead. In U3 , were on a ship because........well idk wanna give away the details , but were on their for a reason. Ion know. I just preferred U3. The ending kinda let me down tho with the whole mythological city and all. THATS getting old to me

Bathyj2570d ago

This isnt Shakespear. Its a video game.

The story is less important than how its delivered. Uncharted is entertaining and keeps you on your toes.

I think UC3 is a lot more person. Drake and Sully have a great bond and the relationship between Drake and Elena is touching.

Its not often I care about that sort of thing in a game, Ico and SotC being notable exceptions.

SoapShoes2570d ago

I liked Uncharted 3 better than 2. 2's twist was too similar to the twist in the first, imo, and predictable. Plus the gameplay is better.

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icewater852570d ago

100% agree. UC2 has nothing to do with how good Uc3 is and UC3 should not be judge by what Uc2 did.

mixelon2570d ago

Ehhhh? He had trouble with the mural puzzle? How?

I breezed through 1st play-through on hard, there are checkpoints every few seconds! How did he have sniper and turret problems? I'm not even very *good* at it but it wasn't ever frustrating or seriously spiking in difficulty. Weve dealt with the same snipers and rocket guys tons in the past games. Confused.

RufustheKing2570d ago

the hard and crushing difficulty on UC3 is nowhere near the difficulty of UC2 or UC1. Crushing on UC1 was very very hard while for some strange reason hard on UC2 was harder than crushing mode on Uc2.

mixelon2570d ago

Indeed! I started a second playthrough on crushing as soon as I finished it on hard and sofar everything is easier simply because I know what to expect enemy/terrain-wise.

I have real trouble imagining people finding it difficult, the snipers hardly even fire if you keep moving and use cover, and they give you ages to line up your shot before shooting you. They were much worse in DF. The whole game seems much easier than the first two, but no less fun so I have no problem with that.

kcuthbertson2570d ago

I'm sorry...but honestly, anyone who even remotely likes video games couldn't give this game less than an 85...

It has it's flaws, it's very similar to uncharted 2 in some aspects...but I never find myself saying "Oh man, I wish they would have done that differently" I find myself saying with almost every other game.

SonyStyled2570d ago

its a possibility they may just not have a solid liking for action/adventure, or because it on 'that' console, or just maybe because they would rather see MW3 or Batman be GOTY. reviewing is all messed up these day. GT5 for example, why are game reviewers reviewing a simulator? i never really trust reviews anymore just for that reason

kcuthbertson2570d ago

Well that's my point kind of...if you don't like a certain genre of games...then WTF are you doing reviewing them.

I wouldn't go listen to a country music artist's concert, because I don't like country music...does that mean it's bad? Hell no, but it would be very biased if someone who likes country asked me how good that "new artist" is.

smashcrashbash2570d ago

Nitpicking at its finest. I wish reviewers would put such effort into finding negative things for other popular games. Maybe it would spark more innovation and force certain developer to make new IPs or pay more attention to detail or to stop the [email protected]$$ed gameplay. A few 6s and 7s for Pokemon, Gears, Mario, BF3 etc might wake them up.

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