Three PC builds under $1000 to make Skyrim look its best

Destructoid: With The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim arriving in stores November 11, is your computer ready to play it?

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Johnny_Cojones2573d ago

Props for including the OS price in the build.

SantistaUSA2573d ago

yep, but the EVGA GeForce GT 430 1024MB that he put on the minimum specs is horrible for gaming, specially Skyrim!

showtimefolks2573d ago

More power to those who can spend 800-100 but I much rather play it on a 250-300 dollar console. And I know many will disagree. Pc fans act like they have the best system yet they also have to upgrade their machines eve 2-3 years. Plus a lot of oc games are coming to consoles now even MMO yet now many of the exclusives are coming to pc.

Tanir2573d ago

its true man, 1000$ to just play games at max, screw that, though my gaming laptop was 1200 (Yes i like portability) I still think its crazy to think everyone would have to spend the same to get good results. heck I play witcher 2 at medium and i spent so much!

tho im gonna get skyrim GOTY edition on my computer Only for the mods, nothing else, otherwise i'd rather play it on my ps3

kaveti66162573d ago

Regurgitating the same BS you read elsewhere.

caboose322573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

I came on here just to find the first "rather play on consoles anyway because blah blah blah exclusives" comment, and lo and behold, you are the winner!

There is a reason why we spend much more on a system to play games (and do other computer related things, because computers arent just for games) and thats because we found a better experience that we enjoy much more. No one is forcing us to play games on a pc. We can all easily go out and buy a ps3 for $250 too. (And I do own a PS3, but do not play it nearly enough to justify it's purchase)

SantistaUSA2573d ago

@showtimefolks. Does it bother that people enjoy spending money on PCs? Are you jealous? I've spent little over two grand on my PC in nov of '10, but I also have an Xbox 360 and PS3.

We enjoy cracking the graphics up, modding, tweaking etc, don't be a hater just because you can't afford it!

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JaeBoh2573d ago

smart coding by bethesda

so thankful to be able to play it on the pc maxed out

GrumpyVeteran2573d ago

Skyrim won't really need a very powerful system to max it out.

Somebody2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

The article said "the i5-2500K also has hyper-threading,".


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