Blizzard Officially Gives Up On WoW In Latest Expansion Trailer "There was a point in time during WoW history where the developers were a lot more forthcoming regarding the content of their game and exactly what plans they had Similar to the wild west, MMO's were a largely untamed and confusing territory to enter. Classes didn't have a shred of the balance they currently maintain today, PvP wasn't a planned or scheduled world event but took place on a far more random scale, and much of the stability that currently exists in modern day raiding is due to a large degree of exploitation that creative players pushed to the limit over a few years of trial-by-fire raiding. But then again the WoW of the early days also had a very different development team, let alone a different set of financial responsibilities. Many may have forgotten these humble beginnings to the World of Warcraft, but those who have been committed to the game that long may remember a Blizzard that swore that Pandaren would never be in the game, let alone playable. Times, they do change."

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fozzness2567d ago

I don't know a lot about World of Warcraft, but that is a shame that they're doing things they said they wouldn't... seems like that's the way a lot of series are going.. :(

NCAzrael2567d ago

Except that there was never an official statement saying that they would "never add Pandarans or make them playable" so they aren't doing things they said they wouldn't. The only reason the Pandarans weren't used as a playable race before was because of the split it would cause in the player base by making them either Horde or Alliance. With the exception of a very vocal few, Pandarans are actually one of the most popular races amongst fans of Warcraft lore. With Blizzard able to offer the race to both sides by allowing the player to choose their faction, they have removed the hurdles that they faced in bringing the race into the game. Now the only problem is that you have people like Adam here throwing a fit because it isn't something they wanted to see.

rdgneoz32567d ago

Or maybe, that with past expansions, blizz let you fight sick poweful iconic enemies. You went from fighting Illidan to Arthas to Deathwing, and now we ... to helping pandas...

They've said that its gonna be the whole "horde vs alliance" theme, but all the dungeons and such shown are all panda related.

Bereaver2567d ago

Yeah, they're just trying to please the asian audience as much as they can. Even though it seems to be making it worse for them too.

Pandaren, take off panda and you got ren which means people in Chinese. ren = 人 = people

bobrea2567d ago

Don't say shit like "officially." Because then your title makes no sense. But I agree with you, the Panda thing is insanely stupid. But I stopped playing WOW years ago, so whatever.

Codeman4202567d ago

WoW (pun intended)! Officially huh where did you hear that from Blizzard im really curious to know.

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The story is too old to be commented.