Puddy Explains Why Videogames Aren't Funny

Los Angeles--To millions of gamers, actor Patrick Warburton is best know as David Puddy, a character that appeared in only 11 episodes of NBC's hit comedy series, "Seinfeld," but left an indelible mark in that time. Many fans probably recall the episode that featured that colorful, ugly leather jacket.

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gamesblow4006d ago

"Yeah, that's right"

He's a great, great, great, bit player man. Although Family guy is complete CAT SQUIRTS, his role on Seinfeld was above and beyond what most people acomplish in film and stage work. Dane Cook is Flea Piss compared to how funny Warburton is.

IntelligentAj4006d ago

Family Guy is by far the funniest cartoon out right now. Even funnier than the Simpsons(whose comedy I find muted and indirect).

bootsielon4006d ago

And if most games aren't funny, it's because they don't try to be. However, they could be very funny if intended to.


gamesblow4006d ago

I think the R&C games are funny... They have a lot of pop culture references and they do alot of parody work. The ps3 and xbox 360 thing in R&CFTOD is pretty damn funny, if you ask me. I think Uncharted has its moments too.

I love when this occures

DRAKE : Yeah, keep smiling ASSHOLE.

That is funny. The way he says it. It's classic.

kingme714006d ago

I think you make a good point GB. If the humor can be integrated into the game without distracting you, then it is well done. Take R&C for instance, the first time I stepped on those frog creatures after shooting them out of their suit, I got a great chuckle. It's a nice comic touch that wasn't necessary but added value to the game and was a pretty easy design element.

The extra little comments from Drake are in the same vein, they don't distract you but are great touches that are simple and easy to do.

games4fun4006d ago

here are a few classic examples:



these games are great and have funny themes. especially number 2

Leathersoup4006d ago

Has he ever played the classics? Like Day of the Tentacle or the Monkey Island titles?

kingme714006d ago

This was a much better interview than I expected from this article title. His comments were thoughtful and his explanation of why a video game tends to lose the comic edge is spot on. This is true of any game trying to illicit a large range of responses/emotions from the gamer. It's just much harder in an active medium such as games (as opposed to passive like a movie) to get the expected reaction.

What do you think about in a cut scene? You just came from beating up on a boss and your adrenaline is pumping, now the game wants you to sit passively while you watch a cut scene when all you can think about is what are they throwing me into next and do I need to be ready or can I sit back and watch? It's much harder for a game developer to get that same response as a movie director could.

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