Gaming Laptop Guide - Winter 2011

Gamers Nexus: As powerful as desktop PCs are (our $800 build is a testament to this), they are inherently cumbersome and have limited mobility. If you're often on the go, attend LAN parties with your friends frequently, or just prefer something smaller (relatively), then you may prefer a gaming laptop; we've picked these out for their ability to run the newest games (like Skyrim or BF3). Here is a run-down of the different laptops based on price-point:

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zeal0us2595d ago

Whats weird I can get a customized gaming laptop on cyberpowerpc without and OS(got some legal copies of win7 at my disposal) under $800 bucks.

Lelldorianx2595d ago

First of all, you didn't even mention what kind of specs are on that. Secondly, "without an OS" -- yeah, that's kind of a big reason why.

fluffydelusions2595d ago

Desktops are still far superior for gaming needs and cheaper. I paid $1200 for laptop and it was nearly top of the line at the time but still couldn't play all games at max settings whereas I could if I went with a cheaper desktop.

Rageanitus2594d ago

I bought a 1.2 k lappy also... it as classfied as gaming grade laptop.... but there are MUCH better lappys out there tha range from 2 > 3 K. A desktop is still key to gaming, but for those pc enthusiasts that want to game on the go 1.2 k lappy is barely enough .

ATi_Elite2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

OK we know Console gamers and PC gamers don't always see eye to eye but why in the hell do Desktop Gamers argue with Laptop Gamers?

Can't we all just get along?

This was a good article for some one looking to get in to Mobile PC Gaming and if you are then use this trusty handy dandy chart to see how your laptop GPU will perform with many games benchmarked.

news4geeks2594d ago

because many of the elitist pc gamers will condescend anyone with an inferior set-up to that of their own.

Johnny_Cojones2594d ago

I have an Asus G53SW-A1, & it's pretty great. I did have to send it in for repairs after about 3 months, but everyone gets a lemon on occasion.

Bob5702594d ago

I've got an Asus G73JH, it gets the job done pretty well. It's really nice for going to a friends house to play games on a whim, but I honestly wish I had just built a desktop.

death2smoochie2591d ago

I picked up the G74S and it plays all games at max. Great cooling and hardly any sound from the fans when playing games. 3D support and 16g of ram and a Blu-Ray drive.
Great for $1399