The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PS3 Install Size Reveals

Finally, Someone has already received a copy of Skyrim that reveals the install size of PS3.

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DeathAvengers2233d ago

Why is it bigger than Xbox's install? I think it's because it's compressed on the Xbox, then ported to the Ps3? Can anyone confirm this?

fluffydelusions2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

5.5gb..not too bad I guess. BTW, when does the embargo lifts for Skyrim and MW3? Anyone know?

DeathAvengers2233d ago

Meh, I don't know. I'd really like to see more gameplay, but that new Werewolf gameplay... oh my. There's one that shows transformation and combat. spoiler: it's awesome!

Lucreto2233d ago

The skyrim one is the launch day. It is more likely MW3 will be launch day too.

Ren_2233d ago

I think Skyrim's embargo lifts on the 10th November.

2233d ago
Iroquois_Pliskin2233d ago

Stop right there criminal scum!

inveni02233d ago

Holy EPH. Thank you, DeathAvengers!

NCAzrael2232d ago


I have to admit, on one hand I'm a little disappointed in myself for clicking the link and ruining the surprise. But on the other hand, THAT'S F'ING AWESOME!

2232d ago
xPhearR3dx2232d ago

Ren_ is correct, the embargo for Skyrim lifts the 10th. MW3.....well, who cares lol

mike_d_2232d ago

No biggie for me,thank you 500GB HDD!!!

AngryTypingGuy2232d ago

Does normally have the 360 vs. PS3 comparisons up before the games launch? I want to get Skyrim on Friday but I want to know which version is better first.

mike_d_2231d ago

@AngryTypingGuy just get both,that's what i usually do on most multiplat games.

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SwampCroc2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

you could be right.. I want to say i read something about the xbox 360 being the build console for the game...

but I try to stay away from anything that could stir up the console fanboys...

I own both systems and since february when I bought my PS3 I haven't purchased a single game for Xbox 360.. mainly because there was so much Playstation stuff to catch up on... but some of the games were multi-platform and I chose to get them on PS3, for example Homefront, Brink, LA. Noire.... ultimately I don't have any of these anymore.. but this is the 1st time I've ever owned 2 consoles... and currently I have like 7 PS3 games and Halo: Reach for 360 and to be completely honest the main reason I kept my xbox360 and xbox live was because of Geometry Wars 2 on the arcade.. I'm like 160 something in the leaderboards.

but for Skyrim I'm going with Xbox 360... solely because I had Oblivion for 360, so I'm gonna stick with what I know..

fragnificent2233d ago

most devs do do it on xbox cause it uses windows which is easier to develop for, either way tho, i couldnt care less, its still an awesome game

fluffydelusions2233d ago

The only reason I would go 360 for Skyrim is for the timed exclusive DLC. I just hope this game isn't bug ridden on PS3 like Fallout: NV was. That game froze up the PS3 more times than I care to count.

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2232d ago

"I kept my xbox360 and xbox live was because of Geometry Wars 2 on the arcade.. I'm like 160 something in the leaderboards."

You are a God.

Blacktric2233d ago

"But Skyrim works perfectly on PS3 “it runs very smoothly, although there are a few flickering soft shadows which are a bit distracting and the scenery can look a little washed out at times, although that may just be the starting area. Walking out into the open for the first time wasn’t quite as impressive as it was with Oblivion, but on a whole it looks amazing.”

Way to put me off from the PS3 version... Pff. Might have to get the 360 one.

NukaCola2232d ago

"Walking out into the open for the first time wasn’t quite as impressive as it was with Oblivion"

See I am not as impressed looking back at Oblivion. It was some tunnels and led out into a field. (Seems Link to Past-like or how it started) and yes you saw a few hills and stuff, but Skyrim has such a lush world. I am completely blown away.

I also though Fallout 3's opening was brilliant. The sun cutting you down when you step out and seeing the rumble of DC and the Washington Monument in the distance. Same with FNV's Tower and the lights in Vegas.

I alwyas love seeing some distinct feature so far away at the beginning. It gives you a sence of journey. Hell even Journey has that mountain you can see at the beginning and through out. It starts out small but grows over the time you head towards it. Seeing the Mountain in Skyrim and as you venture to it you cross a town adn bandits and animals and it takes you a while to get there, it's so breathtaking. I will probally head towards it at the beginning, but a part of me wants to turn around and just go off in a different direction. Of course I don't know how the game starts.(I hear a little prison scene agian like ESIV)

zeddy2232d ago

i much prefer a large install, it usually means the game will perform better. but we'll wait and see.

Blacktric2232d ago

That's a great point. If you check the Eurogamer's New Vegas Faceoff article, you can see that PS3 version's texture data was around 2 gigabytes while on the 360, this was 1.2. Hopefully this means the PS3 version will look just as good if not better than the Xbox 360 version. I decided not to trust what some random guy said about PS3 version looking washed up in some areas and not going to cancel my PS3 preorder.

Jeebus2227d ago

Really? GoW3, Uncharted 2 and 3, and Killzone 2 and 3 have no installs.

StraightPath2232d ago

the stuff he said about Skyrim on the PS3..wonder if they exist in the Xbox 360 version..oh no..

andrewsqual2232d ago

I'm playing it 9 hours now and it only takes up 4300mbs in the install folder. The guy didn't even mention that there is a patch available for it already when you fire it up. It brings the game to version 2.0????? Its about 50mbs. What the hell did it change?

Gamer19822232d ago

Its bigger than xbox install as it wouldnt work on a LOT of 360s otherwise. As arcade versions only come with a 4gb mini drive. 5.5GB way too big for that. So xbox will have it compressed no doubt.

Anon19742232d ago

What's the PC install size? Anyone know?

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KingSlayer2233d ago

If my PS3 didn't have a HDD, I think I'd be inclined to care.

NCAzrael2232d ago

If your PS3 didn't have an HDD I think you'd be inclined to install one since it won't work without it.

I think the more important thing is that if your PS3 was limited to certain HDD sizes, and you had to pay out the ass for those specific HDDs instead of just buying a 3.5" SATA HDD, you might be inclined to care.

KratosWitAGun2232d ago

I thought you could install external HDDs via USB?

SwampCroc2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

As a Veteran....

My 2011 Veteran's Day will start @ Gamestop.

and it will end somewhere in the wilderness of Skyrim!

11/11/11 = Skyrim Release/Veteran's Day

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2232d ago

You da man! I'll see you in the wilderness.

MasterCornholio2233d ago

Sounds like they did a pretty good job with the PS3 version. I don't like the sound of washed out backgrounds but that is probably a common trait with the console versions. Now I would love to see some footage.


Pintheshadows2233d ago

I just up the colour on my TV nowadays depending on the game. It's a little on the nose but I don't care.

DeathAvengers2233d ago

plenty of leaks out there, but they've been there for weeks.

Ren_2233d ago

I'm pretty sure there was an install with Oblivion. I think it was around 4.5GB minimum. Not sure why the article states that there wasn't :S

[email protected]2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

because probably the person didn't see the "usual" installion black screen since Oblivion IV it install itself on the PS3 on the background.

meant2live342233d ago

I was thinking the same thing

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