'Gears of War is the same game I played and completed five years ago'

This week Steve Tristan from little old Cardiff got in touch with Xbox World magazine to say he feels that the Gears of War series hasn't changed much over the years and that he's a little perplexed by the reception to the latest in the franchise.

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deus_ex2476d ago

More of the same is great! Especially Gears of War!!

fluffydelusions2476d ago

I recently played Gears 3. By far the best looking game on 360. Great game as well.

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Chuk52476d ago

That's like being perplexed as to why Uncharted 3 has been recieved well. It's a formula that works exceptionally and makes enough changes to keep things fresh. Look at the Zelda or Mario series.

StanLee2476d ago

Funny, many will agree with you but when the same argument is made for Call of Duty, many would disagree.

guigsy2476d ago

I was just going to make the same argument. Call of Duty is an easy target though I suppose.

ChiVoLok02476d ago

Its because it comes out every year and the campaign is forgetable for the most part.

SixZeroFour2476d ago

difference is call of duty gets released every year while uncharted and gears have a 2-3 year cycle

yes, both have minor, but enough changes made throughout each iteration, but the yearly release of CoD games is what most "haters" gripe about, at least its what i hate most about cod games

aawells072476d ago

Very well said and one ive said many times. Go to and say that and youll get bombarded with hate. Im a PC gamer myself but the community there on that site is incredibly negative.

LoneCastaway2475d ago

exactly. i dont get why people always say: ohh theres a new call of duty every year blabla.
its a 2-year developing cycle, because only the mw series is made by infinityward and waw and bo were made by treyarch. the people who say its mw2.5 dont know anything about the game, the changes they made in the multiplayer.
while they changed a lot in the gameplay they kept so many things from mw2 regarding sounds and visuals. for example cars are mostly the same, ac130 is the exact same. thats something i would have wanted them to change.

SixZeroFour2475d ago

@lonecastaway - the 2-3 cycle i was talking about wasnt developing cycle, i was talking about the release cycle...its true, CoD series itself is kinda like 2 separate series , but activision is still selling a game every year and basically the same ppl buy the game every year with a couple new adopters with each one

gamingdroid2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Remember the hola hoop with Mass Effect 3 multiplayer? Then you got the hola hoop with the game not changing enough....

You can't please them all!

Damned if you do, and damned if you don't!

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Bob5702476d ago

Not every game has to be reinvented to be amazing. Halo Reach is a shining example of what not to do with an amazing game.

kma2k2476d ago

the same can be said for almost every sequal of every game ever made.

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The story is too old to be commented.