Origin for Mass Effect 3 Console

It seems that the dreaded customer support over at origin will be now be known to console users who purchase Mass Effect 3.

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gta_manic2508d ago

Origin is an annoyance at best, but at least it's not GFWL

Blacktric2508d ago

"It seems that the dreaded customer support over at origin will be now be known to console users who purchase Mass Effect 3"

You guys do realize this will do the same thing what EA Online did for Mass Effect 2 right? It's just for accessing the daily news and uploading your character progress to Bioware Social. It's nothing more than that.

gta_manic2508d ago

ya we know, we just like to whine about everything, and i don't like origin because it splits my game managing to two programs were on steam had everything neat and tidy but then i had to get origin for Battlefield 3 with its BRILLIANT use of a web browser launch point... lets just say this is venting

C_Menz2508d ago

I don't get why they are complaining about the so called bad customer support that Origin/EA has... Any problems you have you can literally go onto the support sight and get a live person to text chat to to solve your issue almost instantly.

dark-hollow2508d ago

Can't we have an EA game which we plug and play without all the ea account and online passes bullshit?

krazykombatant2508d ago

Don't have to worry about EA shit origin, will be fulfilling my trilogy on my x360.

LackTrue4K2508d ago

lol......i cant belive people come in this post, and just disagree with your comment?!

ginganinja2508d ago

hit above link...

read story...

wait a little to sink in...

possible reason for disagrees ?

(it's about origin being ON 360)

krazykombatant2508d ago

Oh wow.... Massive fail on my part.... Soooo wait wait wait.... Sigh......

Reborn2508d ago

Missed the part where it said console?

I see.

SageHonor2508d ago

Im getting it on PS3. I hope i dont have to have that crap

killershadow1172508d ago

What has origin done to warrant this kind of hatred? Its just EA's steam, and it isn't like it's making you do anything.

Norad62508d ago

The main thing about Origin people hate is that it's a glorified TROJAN. EA can and does explore your hard drive to see what you have installed on your computer. It's borderline invasion of privacy.

gamingdroid2508d ago

I like the way you call it trojan, because that is exactly what it feels like.

EA also used to have in their terms of service the ability to delete your games if you are inactive on Origin for more than two years.

In short, Origin isn't consumer friendly and neither is EA.

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