Why Dark Souls Is One Of The Best Games Ever Made

What is the best part about playing a video game? Is it the thrill of watching the visual effects of a plane crash through a building and the amazement of the graphical destruction caused by the building crashing down to pieces? Is it the Hollywood style action sequences which keep the adrenaline rush going till you eventually want to jump out from the window to try and catch that ledge? Is it the thrill of racing or playing in a football game which one might not be able to achieve in real life? All of these can qualify as perfectly valid reasons for playing video games. But for me, they’re a bit too superficial. My reasons for playing games are much more basic. For me, its all about failing and trying again to correct myself. The possibility of death and the chance of life after it really intrigue me. I love a challenge, and i love to be rewarded for playing well and punished for being stupid. And in that regard, i feel Dark Souls is the best game i’ve ever played

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Chuk52571d ago

I feel this game gets more credit than i desrves in terms of originality. Realistically, Dark Souls just returns to the NES difficulty curve which was largely created becasue certain games were broken to begin with. The said Dark Souls is still a great RPG,it's just not the revolution some claim it is.

Godmars2902571d ago

Its basically a revamp of a PS1 series called King's Field.

Tanir2571d ago

well demons souls was the succesor to kingsfield, and well Kingfield was made by the same dude.

and the game gets credit because its well made and difficult. its not the cheap difficult like the nes games. so not sure where that comes from Chuk5

the game is amazing and how many games in the last 20 years has been like this? nothing since kingsfield, he is the only dev to make what he wants, its original in the fact that he doesnt jump on the band wagon like everyone else and make easy games, fps's etc.

look at From's Track record, they make some pretty different games, no other game is reall like armored core, kingsfield or their other titles

Diver2570d ago

demons souls was great and I am getting ready to start dark souls its laying here in the plastic. just so many games but if its half as good as demons souls ill be happy.

brish2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

"Its basically a revamp of a PS1 series called King's Field."


King's Field ps1

Dark Souls trailer

Godmars2902570d ago

Your point? We're talking about a span of two, almost three since King's Field was an early game, console generations. If anything it speaks well of Fromsoft that Demon's Souls is so radically different.

brish2570d ago


First you say:
"Its basically a revamp of a PS1 series called King's Field."

Then you say:
"If anything it speaks well of Fromsoft that Demon's Souls is so radically different."

"Your point?"

My point is to me they look like very different games.

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fluffydelusions2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Chuk5 speaks the truth. Dark Souls is awesome but nothing new. This was how games were back in the NES days (graphics aside of course). I guess it's _new_ for this generation though.

HardCover2571d ago

Dark Souls is barely like games from the NES days.

Those games were brutally unforgiving. They extended gameplay through frustrating difficulty.

Dark Souls is unforgiving, but it doesn't make you memorize pixel perfect platforming jumps in the midst of bullet hell with no checkpoints or saves......

Dark Souls is DEFINITELY a unique blend of new and old, just the same as it's a unique blend of Eastern and Western RPG. If it was all "been there done that," then gamers probably wouldn't find so much interest in it.

MeatAbstract2571d ago

It's certainly nothing new and yet strangely it feels so fresh.

Games like Dark Souls are in short supply recently. It's so pure in that its all gameplay, barely any cutscenes and the game design is what you have to overcome.

Demon's Souls and Dark Souls are both just fantastic. Bit of a bold statement for 'best game ever' but still up there with the greats.

admiralvic2571d ago

I fully agree. Demon Souls reminds me of the platformer spelunker. While the original game had poor controls, the new version brought about perfect controls. Sadly people write off Spelunker as being too hard and people praise Souls for being hard in the exact same way... in the end it just makes me laugh at the concept.

Canary2571d ago

It doesn't really have a difficulty curve, though, it just has difficulty--a concept so rare in this day and age it's a novelty.

But, maybe you're right to label it as an NES difficulty curve--like those harder NES games, most (if not all) of the difficulty is artificially induced by way of level design and number-shifting.

A genuinely difficult Souls game--that is to say, a Souls game with competent enemy AI, better level design/destructibility--would, however, be quite the revolution.

Perjoss2570d ago

I don't have any problem with difficulty in games, but complete lack of checkpoints is another story, it makes it hard for people with limited free time to play a game like that.

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led10902571d ago

I don't think its a revolution at all. Just that it creates a world in which you actually have to struggle to achieve success. A single person vs an entire army concept is highly exaggerated in games. But this is one game which gets it right IMO

VampiricDragon2571d ago

no no no no no no no

it is not one of the best games ever made

its basically kings field with better graphics

maniacmayhem2571d ago

It is a damn good game and has made me put off BF3, Gears3 and Batman:AC.

BlitzAK2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

This game is amazing. Sure, i get pissed off with it but that does not mean its a bad game.

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