Crysis - Strategic Sniper Gameplay has posted this new Crysis gameplay.

"Is your aim precision enough to take down a helicopter?"

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humble_gamer3955d ago

AI looks terrible. cod4 much better imho.

TheIneffableBob3954d ago

The game was being played on easy, as evidenced by the poor accuracy of the enemies and the low amount of damage being done to the player. The AI is a lot better on the high difficulty levels.

Shaka2K63955d ago

PS3 owns the best PC game to date.

PC fanboys am i cry.

v1c1ous3955d ago

we got our 1,000,000th psychic on n4g

theox2g73955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

rofl..., fyi all gametrailer movies on crysis are played on extremely lowest settings and easiest difficulty, every other fps has dum AI when its on easy, dummies, that's why its easy, I beat cod4 on veteran in less than 5hours one shot, i'm struggling with crysis on hard, not even delta, wtf, even on medium/high settings looks better than most x360 ps3 games out there,
haha Shaka2k6, aint u heard? AI in killzone is balls, the only cool thing is the death animations and who cares about that, crappy flat low res textures, hint: focus on the walls and the guns in the e3 extended footage, no detail to textures
edit: sorry humble_gamer, sry for callin' u a retarded noob, i get ur point but when u actually play the game u'll see that its not as easy as u think, but shaka is still retarded for thinking killzone 2 is better

humble_gamer3955d ago

even if its on its easiest settings it still looks a bit too easy sorry just my opinion

MaximusPrime_3955d ago

im a PS3 fan.

I think Crysis is a fantastic game for PC. Nice work.

skagrerrrr3955d ago

he wasn't on DELTA mode: that explains how he can run rings around the KPA.

v1c1ous3955d ago

meh :/

and that "grab korean by neck" move looks blarg.

i can't even express how ho-hum the game looked.

i wish i had a decent pc to play it and see it first hand, cause that vid did no justice to it :/

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