Top 10 Things We Want in the New Xbox Live Dashboard Update

PlanetXbox360: "So it’s official. The next big dashboard update for the Xbox Live interface will take effect on November 25 – Black Friday in some shopping circles. And while a number of features are expected to stand out with this new update, including better Facebook integration, improved Kinect controls and other features, there’s some more that we want out of it. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to create a list of features that’d we like to see on this new update. Some of these have been confirmed, while others are merely wishful thinking on our part. But one thing’s for sure – they’d be great to have on the Xbox 360 console. So, without further ado, our list…"

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LaurenKB1232596d ago

I'll take and other podcast access...

-Alpha2596d ago

The dashboard looks so nice, I love how integrated XBL is in to everything

gamingdroid2596d ago

Yeah, I can't wait for the beta to start! MS been teasing me for 3-weeks now.

mcstorm2596d ago

I agree with you I cant with to get hold of the beta. But if the dash is anything like Windows 8 and Windows phone 7 then it will be an amazing experience as the Metro UI is by far the best UI I have ever used and the speech on WP7 is 2nd to none so if this is ported to the new dash it will be by far the best experience on any console ever made.

fluffydelusions2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

You can really tell MS is a software company going by the included features XBL has and how the dashboard looks. This is the one thing I wish Sony would work on. XMB feels so archaic in comparison and certain features just feel tacked on. Sure XMB is functional but it could really use a revamp IMO. The one thing I wonder is if the TV services will require an existing cable subscription...anyone know?

maniacmayhem2596d ago

Would love it if i could run Last FM while playing a game.

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DeathAvengers2596d ago

Question, do we have to be subscribed to XBL or the TV service (HBO GO) to watch it's contents?

m232596d ago

I`m pretty sure you do. Same as how netflix works, you need to be an XBL gold member and a netflix member to use it. I`m assuming the same goes for everything else.

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