Sledgehammer Says CoD Multiplayer Wasn’t Broken, They’ve Just Made It Better

As you probably know by know, there’s some pretty big changes coming to the multiplayer in Modern Warfare 3.

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Alexrubens2536d ago

I'm still excited for this no matter what.

-Alpha2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

I'm actually getting excited for this as well, I must confess.

New modes are looking fun, and the gameplay looks good. I was so disappointed with BF3 and now I have to wait for the map pack to get some decent maps. Half of them are a joke

Gamer-Z2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Yeah i honestly only liked 3 of the maps from bf3, the rest are garbage.

-Alpha2536d ago

I don't know what DICE was thinking making so many maps with awful chokepoints for modes like CQ.

Metro is the worst, but Grand Bazaar and Damavand Peak are also horrible for this.

That's 3/8 of the map. BC2 maps were so much better, they had a ton of diversity in gameplay approach and setting.

Ducky2535d ago

^ Metro CQ is BF3's version of Nuketown.
People play it for the XP because of the head-on combat.

It seems some of those maps were designed for Rush in mind.

princejb1342536d ago

love cod but I'm a bit scared of the support package, no killstreak reset is kind of intense

Echo3072536d ago

Yeah but look at it this way: with the support package, you can only have 3 killstreaks per game since they never reset. Regardless of how big they are, there's only 3 of them that are obtainable. So the higher skill players won't be able to rack up 15 kills, use their streaks, intentionally die and then do it again.

Support class makes a few big streaks available to just about anyone, but it sounds like they can only use the 3 they designate once a game, assuming they even get that high.

Cosmit2536d ago

Yeah I was worried when they said that kill streaks won't reset when using that class. I actually thought they screwed up big time.

But if what Echo is saying is true, then that will be a huge relief!

candybeans2536d ago

As long as there are dudebros, nothing will be improved ever

zeal0us2536d ago

Sweet, so updated graphics? No more poor texture like when you look at the ground? More weapons? New way to level up?

Cosmit2536d ago

You spend most of your time looking at the ground when you play? I don't think that's how your suppose to play but hey that's you I guess.

Lavitz20122536d ago

Umm the op ump45 and dumb ks in mw2 say hello.

-Alpha2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Don't forget commando pro

And One Man Army

And Lightweight Pro

And Marathon Pro

And Stopping Power

And Nuke

And Killstreak stacking

And FFA Boosting

And dual wielding shotguns with epic range

And no Recoil

And quick scoping

NarooN2536d ago

All of this. No one with fucking sense can rightfully say MW2 wasn't broken.

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The story is too old to be commented.