Firefly composer talks about his Uncharted experience

Greg Edmonson, composer of the best TV show ever, Firefly, also worked on the music to Sony's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. His first foray into games soundtracks certainly was ambitious, and a lot of tricks were used to get exactly the sound he wanted for the game. Adventurers may want to take notice of the subtle changes in the game's auditory landscape. "There were small differences depending on where you were in the game," he says. "For instance, in the monastery we used weird metal things and Tibetan bowls, and stuff like that. And when we were out in the jungle, we used all kinds of ethnic flutes. But even those things kind of crossed over, so it was fun."

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Bonsai12143913d ago

i actually really enjoyed the music in this game. sometimes i just let it sit at main menu to listen to that epic theme song.

and haha... composer for the best tv show ever... firefly was good, but it wasn't that good.

Skerj3913d ago

DJ Shadow also did music too, Uncharted wins!!

pwnsause3913d ago

i loved the Uncharted OST, it was great

Danja3913d ago

The Music for the game is pretty good and Firefly is good..but umm the best ever..??...

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