GameTrailers: Battlefield 3 Console Video Review

Are the front lines of this battlefield as impressive as its PC counterpart?

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GraveLord2569d ago

Console owners should find it insulting that Gametrailers did a "review pod" for the console version of Battlefield 3. They usually reserve review pods for DLC or expansions or re-releases.

andron2569d ago

I think it's fair since they already did a full review on the game on PC. Watch that and then this to see what they think of the console version...

Ashriel2569d ago

It's because most of the content is the same.

Darkfocus2569d ago

it essentially is a re release... mostly same content just missing some stuff...

Hifist12569d ago

Console version is a joke tbh.

byeGollum2569d ago

lol @ those that need a review to play a game.

Kakihara2569d ago

lol @ those that think forming your own opinion means refusing to listen to the opinions of others.

Kakihara2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

I thought I came across a bit snarky here. Glad you took it in the jokey sense it was meant. Unless that was an insult in which case... umm... shuddup, yeah... I went there.

Perjoss2569d ago

A quick question, because the console version of BF3 has less players on each team, did DICE also reduce to map sizes for consoles? it would make sense.

Kleptic2568d ago

The pc version has a mode called 64 conquest or something. Which has the more flags on the bigger maps, and more players. The maps are the same on consoles, but have objective locations changed, and a reduced 'playable' area for infantry. Is in you get that countdown thing sooner than in the pc version. Area for air vehicles is the same across all versions though.

So in short, some maps are changed for certain game modes. Some stay identical though. Only the huge maps get changed.

2565d ago