Here are the first “screenshots” of Modern Warfare 3 Wii

A fan has provided the first screenshots of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Wii.

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NewVegasTroop2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

wow holy shit did not see that coming, it says it is made by 3arc so its legit..... na im just kidding, i dont know

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

treyarch is behind Mw3 for the wii. Was confirmed a few months back

iJihaD2599d ago

Mario Party? Mario Galaxy? .. Meeeh.. i'm felling COD tonight!! *Wii Hardcore player* :P

guitarded772600d ago

Ummm... those aren't screenshots. Those are pictures of the box taken with a camera.

Blaine2600d ago

A very bad camera, too...

SeraphimBlade2600d ago

Yeah, but they're pictures of screenshots.

Yo dawg, etc.

Surfaced2600d ago

ugh, how the hell did this get approved.

Angry-Gamer2600d ago

as long you put the word screenshot or videogames here, anything will be approved.

InTheLab2600d ago

I recall Robert Bowling talking about the 2 year dev cycle for CoD. Funny how Treyarch had time to pump out CoD7 and 8 for the Wii. Good old PR bulls***. 2 year dev

And since when does cellphone pics of the back of a box count as screenshots?

cozmo1952600d ago

they're not screenshots, they're "screenshots"

Noticeably_FAT2599d ago

You do realize two year dev times is exactly what COD games have right? Treyarch has a large development team and they probably had some of those guys working on the Wii version of MW3 for a while.

You can bet that the majority of Treyarch has been hard at work for Black Ops 2 since the launch of the original Black Ops.

I really wish they would just call the Treyarch games "Call Of Duty" and the IW/SHG games "Modern Warfare" because then maybe idiots would understand that there is a difference and a 2 year dev time on each iteration.

2 year dev times are the norm with hardware that is this well known, Uncharted, Killzone and plenty of other games are on a 2 year dev time.

InTheLab2599d ago

How about Assassin's Creed? There's over 400 people that make up the AC team. I'm sure you could divide that team up and pretend like 2 years of development went into the annual AC title.

Were there a noticeable difference between Treyarch's CoD and IW's, I'd be willing to accept the idea that 24 months of development actually goes into CoD instead of the 16 months I suspect (based on my own research of announcements, casting..etc).

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