New Free For All multiplayer gameplay Modern Warfare 3

PSX-Sense writes: "With the PC-version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 being leaked at the PC, we have some new gameplay footage of this game for you."

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Relientk772475d ago

Ok so the guy playing, like destroyed everyone lol

StanLee2474d ago

It's also evident that kills from killstreak rewards count towards building new killstreaks. SMH! That is just ridiculous! Infinity Ward seem intent on not learning from Treyarch. Foolish pride will lead to this game being as exploited as MW2.

NukaCola2474d ago

Your Killstreaks recycle back through? Oh god that is going to be an issue of balancing. If they let you get the easy streaks like a package or UAV again, ok...but if you can seriously get multiple high killers like pavelow or and air platform, it's going to be terrible for people who aren't COD gurus.

Commander_TK2474d ago

Not also that, but there's gonna be even more campers. I'll probably just play the campaign at a friend's house and that's it.

bayport2474d ago

My friend pre-ordered this last week.

I laughed at him

chriski3332474d ago

holy crap nothing was changed wtf its the same holy crap!!!!!!!!

2fk2474d ago

yea this looks just like MW2 and Black ops...guess i give this one a rent


LOL I recognized most of the textures and they are the same since COD4, the map looked easily from a discarded Black ops map and the entire hud is copy paste from MW2. It's pretty unfair when you see game devs working hard as hell to improve there games and sequels while the COD devs don't need to do shit and they will get rich all over again and sell copy's like crazy.

princejb1342474d ago

the hud didn't need to be changed it was already good enough
gameplay looks awesome even though i wasn't really feeling that map much, reminds me to much of that jungle map in black ops which i hated

brettyd2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

"good enough" if you good at something or strive to be great at something you dont settle for "good enough"

princejb1342474d ago

yea bro but nothing in this world is perfect, someone will always hate not like someone else idea

Euthanasia782474d ago

"Good enough" doesn't fly with me anymore. I'm a grown ass man. I find it repulsive that this game is nothing more than a carbon copy of every single other game. I'm a huge gamer. I have this game pre ordered and completly paid off. This video is the end for me. You can have Your "good enough" game. I work too hard to fooled like that. Infinity Ward did what this game? Copy Horde mode? That's about it, because it looks EXACTLY like MW1. EXACTLY. EXACTLY. "Good enough" is all COD will ever be again.

princejb1342474d ago

@ Euthanasia78
alright so may i ask what does the hud need changing in, if it works it shouldn't be changed, why try to tweak it and ruining the chance of messing up a good hud
so your grown self can stop complaining and take your pre order off since you claim its the same as mw1

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Tanir2474d ago

yep, and the review scores for cod dont suffer for it either. it gets praised anyway, but when another game does something slightly alike they get hammered for it.

calibann2474d ago

Wow....The only thing differentiating this from its predecessors is the guns and maps..

Lord_Stark2474d ago

Pretty much the same guns as well too mate.

Euthanasia782474d ago

It is EXACTLY the same. This is a 60 Black Ops map pack, AND they want us to buy Elite. Infinity Ward is the WWE of FPS's. WWE.

sonicsidewinder2474d ago

There was about 5 times he managed to kill someone with the gun not even aimed at the enemy.


Shackdaddy8362474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

3:20 is also ridiculous...

PRHB HYBRiiD2474d ago

The back of your head is ridiculous

Dropdeadll2474d ago

I think he recorded the match from cinema, Uncharted mp cinema also has the same problem..

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