Digital Foundry vs. Uncharted 3

Richard Leadbetter writes:

"Uncharted 2 was the game that changed everything, redefining the third-person genre, setting new standards in technology, production values, characterisation and gameplay. Its legend is so powerful that any faults it may have had are perhaps forgotten in a haze of happy nostalgia. Its deserved success at the time was unparalleled, and for us it remains one of the principal reasons for owning a PlayStation 3 - the ultimate first-party console exclusive. The pressure on Naughty Dog to follow up on that must have been tremendous."

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andron2544d ago

Great read. Naughty Dog have created one of my favourite series all in one generation...

Elimin82544d ago

"Naughty Dog have created one of my favourite series all in one generation.."


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QuantumWake2544d ago

Technically amazing, artistically beautiful. It's amazing how Naughty Dog is so talented they are able to combine both and make one amazing looking game.

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girlwithturn2544d ago

I played again in Killzone 3 after Crysis and BF3. I can tell you - kz3 is most beautiful shooter of all time.

humbleopinion2544d ago

I played Killzone 3 AFTER Killzone 2 and Halo reach. I can tell you - it's really not.

Pintheshadows2544d ago

Did you mean to say Halo Reach?

Also BF3 has better lighting than most games (especially by console standards) but I agree that KZ 2 and 3 look fantastic. Certainly better than Crysis 2 which was incredibly inconsistent on the 360.

qwertyz2544d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

@girlwithturn & rezzah

LOL killzone 2 looks better than killzone 3 in some departments and has less jaggies and more advanced AI and neither killzone 2/3,god of war 3, uncharted 3 or any console game for that matter look NEARLY as good as EVEN call of duty 4 pc maxed out with max AA and AF 2560x1600p or just about ANY AAA pc game thats released in the past 4 years LOL in fact quite a number of pc games make all your best looking console games look like ps2 games

get your facts right NO console game has some of the most impressive graphics of all time NONE crysis medium with some AA AF at 1080p is still>>>anything your consoles will EVER produce

2005 ultra spec pc>>>ps3/360 consoles have been holding back pc since they launched

(about the article)
So much for UC3 mentioning 30fps at all times, it obviously DOESN'T it drops framerate when under pressure just like ALL console games LOL


Some console games are fun to play thats true but crysis is in no way boring you can approach things in so many different ways that you could play the campaign 10 times over and still have a different experience each time uncharted 3 just like almost all console games is terribly LINEAR and scripted with NO campaign replay value its fun to play the first time but replaying the campaign is far more boring than replaying crysis.

by the way I don't even care much about gameplay nearly as much as I do graphics. To me graphics = almost everything

kneon2544d ago

I have 2 PCs that can run Crysis at max settings and it does look good, but after all these years I still haven't finished it because it's so boring.

On the other hand I started UC3 yesterday and finished today because I just couldn't stop playing. That counts for much more than any graphical edge Crysis may have.

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