World of Warcraft item stats “are growing exponentially” and it’s a problem, say Blizzard

In Blizzard’s current system, item stats in World of Warcraft increase exponentially in strength, to ensure that the game’s rewards remain “compelling” as players level. However, absurdly high numbers have left them with a real problem that will have to be addressed, the developer has said.

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Tigerfist2600d ago

This whole "issue" just seems like a big joke.

There is so much bullshit arround WoW nowadays and this is what Blizzard sees as in issue?

"Big numbers may become too hard to read"

That's just ridiculous.

Take a good look at the casual fest and the brain dead gameplay. That is the real issue with what WoW nowadays. One big issue that is still becoming worst.

NuclearDuke2600d ago ShowReplies(1)
NuclearDuke2600d ago

I played since World of Warcraft Vanilla. The game was new to me back then and it was a pleasure playing. The game wasn't exacly harder back then, people were less trained in the mechanics aswell as the little to no addons being available made it much more difficult.

Vanilla WoW wasn't anymore hardcore than The Burning Crusade and the hardest two fights in the games history was in Wrath of the Lich King (Yogg Saron 0 Keepers & The Lich King 25 HC). Go ask any major raiding guild and you will get that reply.

GTFO with being a jerkoff.

Tigerfist2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )


The fact that the game required more min/maxing, crowd control class variety and knowledge, a group of 40 very able players and all of the coordination that it brings to the table is just not very noticeable.

Right, how could I ever counter your arguments.

By the way, C'thun called and said hello. Thank fuck for nerfing eh?

"People were less trained in the mechanics aswell as the little to no addons being available made it much more difficult."

Let's just say that the "trained" players had alot more tasks at hand than on the current WoW.

PS: Take a look at the new "talent trees" design that is coming with the upcoming expansion. Yup, no simplification there at all.

PPS: And that is what the "jerkoff" has to say. How about you? Do you have anything other than cheap insults up your sleeve? Please spare me...

kesvalk2600d ago

the real issue is a cash shop in a p2p MMO...

really blizzard?