Uncharted 3 and the 4/10 review score

BeefJack: "This week, renowned games critic Tom Chick awarded UNCHARTED 3 just 4/10 in his review, prompting yet another fan backlash against a reviewer. But what does this say more about: the critic, the fans, or the very nature of games reviews? We investigate…"

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Blacksand12536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Game of the year last and going to be this year.

ikkokucrisis2537d ago

the uncharted series has yet to disappoint me. I would buy it soley based on the experience I had from the previous game. UC4 here I come!

bageara2537d ago

We all know that but we still comment and give it attention, just ignore it, Shit! now I just commented

MysticStrummer2537d ago

It's hard not to comment on something as ridiculous as a 4/10 for a game like UC3, which was no doubt his plan.

Sprudling2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Even if it is just for hits, if we ignore the score at the bottom the review is actually very well written.

Yes, it is subjective, but I've come to realize that all the best reviews tend to be just that. I'm glad I got to read his critical opinion.

And getting upset about something like this is just weak. If you love the game, why should anyone elses opinion matter to you?

Grendizer2537d ago

i already bought the game and im enjoying it but since this guy gave it a 4/10 im returning that shit

Gamer19822537d ago

What I don't get is why somebody feels the need to come out and defend the guy for this review. The reviewer in question obviously didn't like the game and that's fine so a low score of 7 maybe a 6 would have been acceptable at a STRETCH if you really disliked it but the fact he gave a 4 is unacceptable for any gamer. So the fact somebody from this crappy site feels the need to defend him proves he too has no credibility.

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hudsoniscool2537d ago

ya dude a 7 is a game thats pritty good, and a 6 is a game thats a little better than ok. So if someone doesnt like a game they are entitled to give it a 4 or lower.

shysun2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

@rumplstilts a 4 isn't a "i don't like this game, its not for me score"......It's this game is f'ing horrible, damn near unplayable and No one should play or like this POS game.

We all know that this game is far from a 4, even if it's not your kind of game!

DragonKnight2536d ago

@rumplstilts and hudsoniscool: That is where you're wrong. Numbered scores have nothing to do with personal feelings or if you like or dislike the game. A 6 is a game that's just above average, not a "I kinda liked this game." A 7 is an above average, slightly good game, not a "This is pretty good." A 4 is a below average game, likely broken in many areas, almost unplayable game and has nothing to do with "I don't like this game."

This reviewer is a moron who gave the game a 4 for hits and to be on Metacritic. Simple as that. A review should literally be a summary of what the game does well and what it does poorly without emotional attachment. As a reviewer, it's not your job to sell the game or discourage someone from buying the game. Your job is simply to talk about the game's merits and its flaws. That's all. Numbered scores are independent of feelings.

Personally, I wish reviewers were forced to write reviews without any kind of grading. Just a written review, no scores, nothing like that.

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josephps32537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Uncharted3 should not have been reviewed by this Tom Chick and the site is obviously trolling.

I'm sure for every top AAA game there will always be someone who just isn't into that game. No matter how great the game is, I guarantee 100% that you can find a few ppl that just find it boring and could not get into it.

I know a few people who find Dark Souls incredibly boring and tedious and feels more like work than a fun engaging game. But I and many millions of people love Dark Souls. If my friend was a reviewer then he should not be allowed to review Dark Souls because the game is just not for him. No matter how good the game is he will find it boring, uninteresting and ultimately bad.

Tom Chick complains about boring storytelling, characters, lack of risk/reward balance, setpieces blah blah blah, all of those things he disliked I thought it was awesome and apparently so did many other reviewers and gamers.

Tom Chick as an experienced reviewer and the site that supported this trolling campaign know full well what they are doing. Maybe a linear scripted type of game is not for this Chick? Maybe this Chick will dislikes any game that guides the character along a set path and will never get over the fact that he doesn't have 100% control and therefore will never sit back and enjoy the ride.

I've read a many times several reviewers in the past where they state that the game is not for them but they understand that fans of this game will enjoy. They understand what the game was aiming for and although the game is not for them they can see how other people will enjoy it and give it a fair honest objective score. This makes Tom Chick sound like a immature child ranting about a great game just because he no like.

BLAKHOODe2537d ago

I agree. It's like this - I wouldn't want a church going, Jesus loving, children teaching, school lady to review a movie like The Hangover.. she should be reviewing The Muppets.

These publications need to KNOW their writers better and base assignments on that knowledge to get the most accurate of reviews. At the same time, these publications need to let their readers know what kind of games the reviewer enjoys, so we can have an idea of what kind of gamer they are.

But no matter what - the best reviewer is the gamer themself, because you can't base what you will like on another's opinion. To each his own.

hudsoniscool2537d ago

somepeople just dont like a certain game. Me personly cant stand the elder scrolls, killzone, and gta games. does that make them bad no. its just me personaly.

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TBM2537d ago

To me reviewers opinions really don't matter for me since im the one buying the game(s) that im interested in. All i do is just laugh at haters.

CMoneyBro2537d ago

me neither, and I find it funny how Batman has a 96 on metacritic but only 35 reviewers while U3 has a 93 with over 60 reviewers

Jonah_Reese2536d ago

Oh that in particular is because Metacritic and their "weighed score" thing IS STUPID AND USELESS.

CryofSilence2537d ago

Never heard of him and won't ever remember him anyway. To call him renowned is grossly over-flattering him.

thewhoopimen2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Reading through some of the commentary, I have to wonder if some of you ever went through High School or even got past your Freshman year in college. Because between the many book reports, reviews on films you watched, or what not, many of you should've learned about the basics of what constitutes an academic review writeup. Perhaps it was the failings of your professors/teachers... No, I blame it solely on you.

A review is not a pure 100% opinionated piece with no structure. It holds an objective component piece broken down into a plot synopsis, structure components, (in all mediums: dialogue, characters, etc. In gaming: bug, errors, sound design, graphic design, art direction, animation, gameplay, musical score, ie watch a gametrailer review.) Then the latter half (third) of a review is devoted to the "opinion" of the writer.

The review is designed to inform and educate as well as give a fair analysis and finally a personal voice to the writer.

So if we looked at the points aformentioned about a review's structure, the writer's opinion should at most constitute 10%-20% of the overall score. Ie 1-2 points out of a 10 point system.

Typically when a review score drops below 6 or 5, you are taking the case to the educated reader, that there are game breaking problems that impinge upon basic playability. Ie menu system that is confusing, characters sticking to walls, invisible holes one falls through, enemy ai that just stand there, or sound cutting out in the middle of a firefight, etc.

Of course then you have reviewers with big enough egos that they can handily "believe" their opinion is worth 6 points out of a total 10.

I'm flabbergasted by some of the responses above condoning this behavior. If there isn't objectivity in a review, anybody could give a game a 1/10 simply because they hate the sound of a how the gun fires or how Sully wears an ugly red shirt, but ladies and gentlemen... happily that's now how it works in the industry. Anyway if this writer is 'renowned,' he's certainly lost a lot of credibility.

Dark General2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

There's many different types of ways to review products. Specially when it's a review on something that's subjective like a entertainment experience such as video games. He could write about Uncharteds technical merits, execution and composition but that's only part of the equation. Video games are more than about their technical components seeing as the purpose of a video game is to induce fun which everyone comprehends differently. When a person is tasked with reviewing something of that nature you tread into a different territory as opposed to something that can be analyzed more scientifically.

Reviewing entertainment mediums in itself is hard specially when scientists can't even deduce why a person laugh may laugh. This is multiplied by the fact that games as a medium is still young compared to movies, music and books. This industry as a whole is still figuring out what "works" and what doesn't along with crafting new experiences, genres, audiences, platforms, messages etc. It also shows how we as consumers have grown accustomed to reviewers operating on a 6-10 scale as opposed to a true 10 point scale. I think in the end all this backlash to lower than expected reviews of Uncharted 3 has only fortified the fact that developers, reviewers and us gamers have a long way to go in this entertainment medium.

geddesmond2536d ago

Lol I didn't even know someone gave UC3 a 4/10 until now lol. My thoughts exactly. After playing UC3 and seeing how awesome it was a 4/10 is as relevant as the toilet paper I used to wipe my arse.

As I said before you give bad scores to games people enjoy and your only hurting yourself mo matter how much attention they originally get you. LOL 4/10 thats desperate

mastiffchild2536d ago

Firstly, the backlash shows people are too sensitive and, sadly, also means that blatant attention grabs like this review score still work in that area.

Secondly, when you review anything you review it by the standards of it's genre(an opinion on JRPG game, say, is pointless if the reviewer knows nothing of the genre, hates the genre, decides to review it by the standards of a different genre and so on)or oyour review becomes nonsense. This review smacks of nonsense as I fail to believe , judging U3 by the standards of it's genre, that a 4/10 score is defensible let alone credible but as long as people get upset by these scores and give the lazy writer the oxygen of their attention we will always get them.

Sadly, we also have some fanboy, platform hating writers in gaming(of all shades)andthese bitter people will mark fown anything exclusive to a platform they fon't love if it suits them-I unno whther this is the case here, mind, as I seriously couldn't take the review as a proper piece when I knew the score as it really isn't credible given what I, and everyone I know, knows about both the game and the genre it's in. sometimes a review is poor and sometimes it's just way off the mark and shouldn't be taken seriously or clicked on.

The real shame is we get worked up enough by this stuff that we end up legitimising it as a hit whoring tactic. A 4/10 game is a game which ticks few of it's genre's quality boxes and U3 isn't even near being that game. It's simple and this, at best, was a knowing grasp for hits.

BinaryMind2536d ago

Though I have to say the commenter DEELOW is an idiot.

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Starfox8112537d ago

I agree, as a reviewer myself it annoys me that we must quantify our opinions into a score at the bottom of the page. It should be about the words and not the number, who knows what a number really means? Is 4/10 the same as 40/100? You'd think so but it may not be. Perhaps Tom Chick should have also mentioned that it wasn't really his cup of tea and that many others will enjoy it more than himself. After all as a reviewer it may be your opinion but one should be aware that it is not just you the game is made for. It is nice however to see a reviewer sticking to their guns.

Sub4Dis2537d ago

reviewers shouldn't have to qualify their opinions. by that logic reviewers should also discuss the psychological phenomenon that your expectations influence your opinion in their reviews.

in order for anyone to consider you a "legitimate" reviewer, you are forced to put numbers. look at yahtzee. he gives some of the best, most insightful perspectives on games out there; but because he doesn't give you a number, a lot of people can't wrap their tiny brains around it and dismiss it as entertainment. especially when he doesn't shower unwarranted praise on some of these mainstream popcorn games.

MariaHelFutura2537d ago

Nah sorry, 40/100 is identical to 4/10.

Maybe IQ tests should be mandatory for reviewing games.

360ICE2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Or for commenting on N4G.
If you were to remove a decimal in 4,5 you'd end up with 5.0. So 4/10 is less specific than 40/100, even though they're both of the same value.

I'm not saying that this can be applied to reviews and all that, but it is a mathematical fact.


Tiqila2537d ago

lol WHAT?
mathematical fact is that 4/10 = 40/100 = 400/1000 = ...

Tommykrem2537d ago

Actually agree with 360ice (even though 4/10 and 40/100 are the same thing). 4/10 is less specific than 40/100, as it ranges from 35/100 to 44/100, so it does make a difference in this specific situation.

But to answer Starfox811 Tom Chick's rating system does specify that 4/10 means "weak"

Anarki2537d ago

Since when did review sites stop using decimals? If they intended on putting 4.1-4.9 then they would of.

Human Analog2537d ago

Would it really matter if it was 4.1 or 4.9? By rounding it is only a one point swing. For that matter, it actually is only one direction. It already is a #4, it would then only go up to a #5 which is still only 50%. I don't think it would matter much.

The same for 35 or 45. No matter how you look at it, it is a bad score. I personally will NOT be listening to reviews for this game. I loved parts one and two. I am not a blind fanboy though. If part two was not such an improvement of part one then I would have fell off the wagon. Here is hoping part three is at least as good.

MariaHelFutura2537d ago

I have no clue what removing a decimal, the number 5 and an iceburg has anything to do with what im talking about.....

SilentNegotiator2537d ago

"If you were to remove a decimal in 4,5 you'd end up with 5.0. So 4/10 is less specific than 40/100, even though they're both of the same value"

....WUT? They're the same value; you can convert them between each other without changing anything. 4/10 is EQUIVALENT to 40/100.

And your rounding exercise in the first sentence does not mean anything. It doesn't change the fact that 4/10 and 40/100 are the exact same thing.

Don't say that N4G should have IQ tests for posting when you're making stuff up about statistics.

Human Analog2536d ago

What he is trying to say is that you are right. 4/10 is = 40/100. But he is also saying that if they used the 100 point scale, there is more accuracy inherent in the system.

Without using decimals you only have 4 and then 5, nothing between. If you use the 100 point scale then a 42/100 or a 49/100 is possible. Like I said, a 4 or a 5 are both really low. I don't think the extra accuracy is necessary. In my opinion, a 40 is just a bad as a 50.

But I love Uncharted, and they have not let me down yet, so I'll be ignoring reviews.

mastiffchild2536d ago

Without first SPECIFYING that the /10 system doesn't use decimals you cannot say a thing about any possible rounding up though, can you?

Personally,i feel the biggest lesson here, and I despise using them for my own reviews, is that review scores are flawed and that's that. When we get back to reading the words in a review(and one done by a writer with an understanding of the genre he's reviewing) we'll all be better off.

tehnoob32536d ago

360ice means if your using significant figures which review technically use. 4/10 could mean 49/100 or 41/100.
I remember reading a review on god of war 3 that said it was extremely close to perfect but it was given a 9/10. That 9/10 could mean 98/100, 99/100, or 96/100

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360ICE2537d ago

You don't have to assign a score, but it would be clever and all since people tend to actually NOT read the review. AND, you have to consider who this game is made for. You don't review a shooter and conclude with "I don't like shooters - 4/10". You review it for people who would think about buying shooters in the first place, am I right?

Yes. Yes I am.

Angrymorgan2537d ago

If someone reviews a game, and aires their view public, it's gonna get challenged.

If I now said "hey cod mw3 is the worst game in history" I know I'm gonna cause a shit storm, so reviewers can't really complain about disagrees and criticism.

TKCMuzzer2537d ago

I'm sorry but having just completed Uncharted 3 this game should get no lower than a 7/10. Even if it not his cup of tea then the lack of appreciation shown for what has been achieved is self indulging ignorance at it's highest level.
Technically and story telling wise it is all of the highest quality.

He should really be ending by saying " there is no doubt that Uncharted 3 delivers a technical masterclass and demonstrates that story telling can be properly incorporated into a much perceived immature industry. Fans of the first two will be right at home with Drake and his adventures and will be fully fulfilled, for myself as the reviewer it's just not my cup of tea but even I can appreciate a game that's the best at what it does"

There is no such thing as a "professional" reviewer as we are all reviewers because at the end of the day we buy the games.

Uncharted 3, 9.2/10. See there is my score.

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Tommykrem2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Okay, I think everybody is starting to miss the point here.
Starfox811 said that 4/10 might not mean the same for a reviewer as a 40/100, (even though they are mathematically the same value)
Then MariaHelFutura missed the point and said that 40/100 and 4/10 is the same value, which they are, but that was never the point (I think)
Then 360ICE sort of got that point through, but I disagree a little bit and think that reviews are in fact where the values could be different (since the numbers here are hiding subjective values)

Then we all sort of started talking about the numbers instead of the point here: That Starfox thinks it's unfair to sum up an opinion in a number.

Right now there are a lot of disagree because a lot of us are discussing different subjects and misunderstanding each other, so let's just stick to the point.

aGameDeveloper2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Starfox811 said, "Perhaps Tom Chick should have also mentioned that it wasn't really his cup of tea and that many others will enjoy it more than himself."

Perhaps every reviewer that rates a game a 9 or 10 should also qualify their score, stating, "This game really may not be your cup of tea, and many others will enjoy it less than I did."

Reviews would get pretty boring if they all did that.

nnotdead2536d ago

they do tend to write that in the reviews. sure it may not be that straight forward of a statement, but reading through the review you should be able to tell if you would like that type of game or not.

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ufo8mycat2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

He obviously gave it a 4/10 for hits and nothing else, I mean surely this guys taste in games isn't that shit?

TopDudeMan2537d ago

When you give uncharted 3 a 4/10. There. That's it. Defined.

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kikizoo2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

AV.Club ridiculous blog also gave a 5/10, and metacritic, ignoring tons of tens reviews, are including this blog for the metascore, pathetic.

the 20% worst and better reviews should'nt be included in the metascores (then probably, they would stop giving stupid scores for hits)

TronEOL2537d ago

A 4/10? Yeah, somebody was either searching for hits, or just being a big D-bag by trying to be all "You see, Uncharted CAN get a low score".

Reviews like this shouldn't be taken seriously.