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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Airplane mission [video]

airplane mission from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. A little spoilers in the end included. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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SolidStoner  +   1398d ago
HOW IN HELL, when airplane crashes enemy are all over the place.. WTF? I hate that Hollywood style gameplay.. its feels like crap when you play something like this.. Im buying this game for multiplayer...

anyway. they could create missions more real.. why not crash the airplane and then you are in mountains or something, have to survive and find food or something.. not just SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT.. plane down.. SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT.. next mission SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT... I know its FPS.. but still that Hollywood style sucks..
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AdmiralSnake  +   1398d ago
Call of duty have always been about that, what were you expecting though ?

Call of duty + Realism = Non existence, it's always been about so called "Telling a story" (lord knows I don't give a damn about it except what happens to Captain Price) in a action movie kind of way.

They make good characters but all of COD story is absolutely predictable and they kill off almost all their characters... meh it's w/e I only care about

1. Captain Price
2. Nicolai
3. Soap
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SolidStoner  +   1398d ago
hope dies last :) they could create this games SP at least a bit more mature...
Tigerfist  +   1398d ago
Call of Duty and realism... It used to be slightly diffrent but that was a long time ago.
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Getowned  +   1397d ago
COD is not a war sim.
princejb134  +   1398d ago
for real i was saying the same thing, how did a crash as crazy like that let so many waiters alive
anyways the level was awesome, one thing that caught me by surprise that i hated is that makarov is still alive, i hate that man he's eviilllllll!!!!
meetajhu  +   1398d ago
OMG can't w8 for Captain Price to kick Makrov's butt!
kaveti6616  +   1398d ago
So you don't like that the campaign is all "SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT" but you're buying the game for the multiplayer?

lorianguy  +   1398d ago
Wow, all things considered, this looks pretty good.

I liked the part where he threw the mag miles away when reloading :P
DevilishSix  +   1398d ago
I have to say that brief 9 min video was more exciting than BF3's entire single player. No offense but I think MW3 is going to surprise because people have written it off before they even have seen it in action.
3GenGames  +   1398d ago
And then you finish it and never see it again and play MP for 1000x longer and get a better experience.
venom06  +   1398d ago
no actually it REALLY wasn't .... BF3 had the same kinda intense high energy moments, but punkass reviewers didn't like it because, "we've see this before from CoD" but when CoD does it, game nerds get a hard on and drool all over the game... guess CoD fanboys will be CoD fanboys...
blumatt  +   1398d ago
Well said. If you want realism and destructible environments and bullet drop, buy Battlefield 3. If you want just the same old multiplayer and hollywood-esque single player, buy Modern Warfare (Insert Number). lol

I bought Battlefield 3 the week before last, Uncharted 3 this past week, and I'll most likely be picking MW3 up this Tuesday. It's all good for me. haha

PSN: blumatt
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kaozgamer  +   1398d ago
not really. bf3 had all high action moemnts spaced out a bit too much.
aman84r  +   1397d ago
Yea a rat trying to chew my finger is fucking high octane.Not to mention the sp was built into game just to showcase the graphics engine it shouldnt even exist.BF3 is what it is an MP game.
AdmiralSnake  +   1398d ago
I actually like the level o_0.
ZombieStalker  +   1398d ago
Airplanes + gunfire don't match!!! Funny how they depict a stalled airplane (losing altitude) and turbulence yet they don't address the fact that a bullet can penetrate the plane's fuselage and decompress the plane. Very typical of COD! I will most likely pick up the game next week, but from what I can tell, slightly different graphics, more variation in weapons, different maps and some new kill streak awards. I feel like we have done this so many times before.
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princejb134  +   1398d ago
you complain to much is a game enjoy it
Angels3785  +   1398d ago
Normally what you say is true, but AIR FORCE 1 can withstand the radiation of of a nuclear blast and the hull can withstand bullets fired onboard (google it if your don't believe me). I do however not like the over-the-top Hollywood style gameplay. Its too much and takes away from whats happening. COD has always been like the Michael Bay films (I know I sound stereotypical) but what I'm saying is true.
bennyace  +   1397d ago
I don't know why everyone (almost) plays this game and loves the series except people here on N4G... Why?

Is it "trendy" to dislike a popular game? And evrytime a BF games comes along it supposed to be so much better than CoD but ends up being slightly disapointing. But before it's released it's all BF this, and BF that, that it's so much better than CoD!

I enjoy CoD games because they're entertaining... Which is what a video game should be! To me anyway...
Elyxir-pSx  +   1397d ago
Most of the people on N4G saying that MW3 will suck,will most likely be the one of the millions playing it day 1.
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Getowned  +   1397d ago
Yeah,I never knew I was suppose to hate cod until I went on N4G.I like COD granted some are better then others but they all have been a lot of fun the small online issues do bug me a bit but not enough to stop playing.
bennyace  +   1397d ago
Well, at least it's nice to know I'm not the only one thinking that! I was begining to question my tastes in video games lollll. As for the online portion... I'm not an "online" player, so I couldn't care less. But it seems to have issues...but what game doesn't?
Tsar4ever  +   1398d ago
I just disapprove on the sounds effects used for the weapons. The the hollywood style action gameplay is to be expected. But infinity ward really need to REDO the weapons sounds, Take a page from the ARMA2 sounds for there guns.... IMO

http://www.youtube.com/watc... "Blufor" Assault rifles
http://www.youtube.com/watc... "OPFOR" AK/variants

http://www.youtube.com/watc... Pistols

http://www.youtube.com/watc... Arma2 weapons with vsound 2.0

http://www.youtube.com/watc... Arma2 weapons with soundmod v2
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onyoursistersback  +   1398d ago
the level dose look cool its funny how hes aiming when ever ones body is freely floting in the plane, "thats a bad ass, no need to hold on just shot". and lol....dam plane looks like it crashed landed at the bad guys base?!? O_o"?
feliexii  +   1398d ago
Stiff character animation, low rez textures, guns sound like glass being shattered. Any other game would be crucified by the media and gaming community, but it's COD so it gets a pass. Activision shareholders, congratulations on another record breaking release.
kmansp  +   1398d ago
wow... now THAT is gameplay right there!! I will definitely enjoy the single player experience far more than I did in battlefield 3. I'm more of a single player person myself... you can tell they put a lot of effort in to the story.

I'm assuming the airplane mission, titled "history" is what led to the invasion of America in MW2?

and for all the bitching about "hollywood" style... it is SPOT ON!!!
S_C  +   1397d ago
That Level Was EPIC
Gamer-Z  +   1398d ago
Looks like fun but man those gun sounds are so fake, you would think that Activision with all their money could at least use real gun recordings for the game like BF3.
Swiggins  +   1398d ago
The reason they use fake gun sounds is because it sounds more powerful.

Here's the thing dude, sound design doesn't always mean making the sound the most realistic, it's making it sound the best.

A great example of this is in the third Indiana Jones movie at the beginning when they're on the ship, they actually mixed a lion's roar into the wave crashing on deck to make it sound more powerful.

There's nothing wrong with the sound design in this game, DICE's is better sure, but for what it is, it works great.
Gamer-Z  +   1398d ago
You think those fake gun sounds that MW3 uses sound powerful, pew pew pew hahahaha. I recommend you listen to some real guns i know i go to a shooting range every once in a while with my brother in law, that guy is a gun freak and a former marine.
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Shackdaddy836  +   1398d ago
That's a really awesome level but how in the world did that amount of Makarov's men manage to get into the plane without getting caught?
SSKILLZ  +   1398d ago
But most importantly how did the plane crash land right nex to makarov ? it's just to perfect
JohnApocalypse  +   1398d ago
Oh shit I shouldn't have watched the end
CanadianTurtle  +   1398d ago
Wow, that was outstanding! (Puts on flameshield)

I can't wait for the retail release. This is WW3 fiction at its best.
ShAkKa  +   1398d ago
Oh look, another CoD playable character dies...
Still, looking forward to see how(if) the MW story ends.
clearelite  +   1398d ago
I think some of the people in this thread must work for Activision.
Sargerus  +   1398d ago
and i think some work for EA
Getowned  +   1397d ago
LOL!!! Sargerus,+bubble.
SuperDopetastic  +   1398d ago
This game is going to make a great door stop
ambientFLIER  +   1397d ago
You are going to buy it just to use it as a doorstop?
Mc Fadge  +   1398d ago
...Why are they all speaking English?
Getowned  +   1397d ago
Because Sub titles are boring :D
DeadManMcCarthy  +   1398d ago
OMFG this looks so frickin..

damnyouretall  +   1397d ago
i acually watched 5 minutes of this. now i really dont give a shit about the game. people are easily amused these days huh. anyone remember when the franchise had intensity? miss those days man
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theEx1Le  +   1397d ago
The campaign, from start to finish is rather intense.
damnyouretall  +   1397d ago
if it is, i might pick it up just for the sp
The_Infected  +   1397d ago
So many comments about realism. If you want realism after you get shot one time and die your dead game over throw the game away. That's realism. It's not all about realism it's also great to just have a fun game to play that you enjoy.
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El Nino  +   1397d ago
Too much negativity, this is typical Modern Warfare. I wasnt big on MW2 story or the online but i'm hoping IW have addressed those issues and made MP more gun on gun play akin to COD4. When COD4 was in its hay day, i never wanted MW2 to look 10x better, just for the MP to be just as good, it wasnt...but if MW3 is anywhere near COD4 online then it'll be a great game.
perfectCarbonara  +   1397d ago
Haha, hate all you want but this looks like intense fun. This MW hate is growing out of proportion.
Impaler  +   1397d ago
Nothing we haven't seen in COD before
baodeus  +   1397d ago
the advertisement for it is pretty funny

allhailtheMONOLITH  +   1397d ago
looks intense. but higly uninspired.
i can swallow this type of game one more time for good measure. but if they plan on doing modern warfare 4 in the same vein. i'll stab something.

no game out there needs some sort of innovation more than COD at this point.
Getowned  +   1397d ago
What innovation dose it need exactly ?.If you played the cod games you would know they allways get new features and game modes.Too much changes arn't always a good thing just look at what they did to SOCOM thats what too much changes and innovation dose.
TopDudeMan  +   1397d ago
This is epic!!!! Especially the bit where they're bouncing off the walls and the ceiling.
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Bounkass  +   1397d ago
PC on worst graphics? Oh wait...
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Drabent  +   1397d ago
CoD is not a War sim....nope its a Lag sim><

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