Modern Warfare 3: PS3 vs Xbox 360 - Interactive Slider Graphics Comparison - Which One looks better?

Which console version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 looks better: PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360? Check out the huge interactive slider graphics comparison.

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T9002235d ago

Please anyone looking for graphics wont be looking at this game.

Kamikaze1352235d ago

Tell that to the people with no ego

inveni02234d ago

Yeah, I think Call of Duty is the last game people care about having the "edge" in. This would be like comparing graphics for "The Sims" or "Roller Coaster Tycoon". I just had a discussion with my cousin recently (me not a MW fan, and he being a fan), and he made it perfectly clear that he'd rather them put their time into the gameplay than into the engine. That makes some sense. Some.

gamingdroid2234d ago

***he made it perfectly clear that he'd rather them put their time into the gameplay than into the engine.***

Sh!tty gameplay with beatiful graphics doesn't earn a buy from me, but great gameplay with sh!tty graphics likely will. Time and time again, I go back and play old games and it ain't graphics that keep me playing.

inveni02234d ago

I agree with you. For games in a genre I don't necessarily care for (like FPS), I won't buy unless they offer something groundbreaking in the tech department. It's the only reason I picked up Rage and BF3, and I didn't finish either of them because that style of gameplay (FPS) doesn't interest me. I know I'm in the minority on that, though, and that's why I think companies like Activision focus more on what the majority is looking for...which is just more CoD, or more Halo, or more...whatever.

snipes1012234d ago

I have to agree with the gameplay over graphics argument. I just finished Metroid: Prime, nearly a decade old game, and had a blast.

I really have a strong dislike for this generation's hyper-focus on tech and graphics. What happened to being excited about how the things play rather than how they sound and look?

As far as I am concerned, if an engine makes a game look eyes-bleedingly beautiful but doesn't bring anything new to the table in terms of gameplay, they do not have my interest.

Disclaimer: I am a sucker for a nice art style though (e.g. El Shaddai, The Wind Waker, Deus Ex).

blumatt2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

I'd say it's a perfectly clear assumption that Call of Duty isn't getting a graphics makeover until the next generation of consoles (PS4 & Xbox whatever). It's pretty obvious that people don't mind CoD's graphics, even though I'd love to see them look a little better. They've all looked pretty well the same since Call of Duty 4: MW1.

AAACE52234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

I switched over to Ps3 as my primary console and bought Black ops. The first thing I noticed is that Black ops looked a bit blurry compared to the 360 version. These pictures show the same thing.

Doesn't matter because it still played the way it was suppose to and I will be getting MW 3 on Ps3 as well.

I still like the 360 and have mine, but I just can't see myself paying for XBL when there is so much cool sh*t going on with Ps3 right now!

scotchmouth2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

I'm here because I'm a sucker for interactive sliders. This could have contained pictures of corn cobs at various angles and I would have clicked.

Corn cobs.

Various angles.

Interactive sliders.

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RyuCloudStrife2234d ago

thats true with CoD all people look for is fun and the fun on both consoles is on par.

The_Nameless_One2234d ago

YES I agree. It was really fun when the PS3 and PC was bugged to hell to the point of being broken.

Blackdeath_6632234d ago

a valid and very stong point well said Bubble up

Elyxir-pSx2234d ago

Where is all of this COD love coming from all of a sudden? Oh, BF3 is already released and most are ready to jump back to COD. Lol, just a month ago it was nearly impossible to read a positive COD comment on N4G.

finbars752234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

They wanted to put more time into gameplay then graphics?to those who are blinded by the dollar signs that activation flashes before you tells me that you are either stupid or just afraid to play other real fps games.It's the same gameplay with nothing new in 7 years with the same old crapy engine with the same old school girls screaming into there mics that tells me that you really need to play other games to understand how bad COD really is.The fact that this site has to show us how bad the game looks is just sad to the gaming world.

SantistaUSA2234d ago

What are you talking about? People have fun playing COD, I enjoy cause I can pick up play some team death match for 20 min or so and leave if I have to.

Saying that nothing has change in 7 years is also non sense! True graphics haven't really changed but it is still fun. Don't be bitter bud.

Oh and what's a "real" FPS game? Please which games are those? lol

Sugreev20012234d ago

@ snipes101

The obsession with graphics is age-old.Earlier it was "bits",now the obsession is with the game engine.Gameplay trumps all,but average graphics over poor ones also make an experiance imo.

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TenSteps2235d ago

Why are they doing a graphical comparison for the first Modern Warfare?

Oh wait did not see the 3, this must be alpha footage...

Wait, what it's releasing in a few days?

ArchangelMike2235d ago

I loled so hard. Don't see the point in graphics comparisons for the COD games. They might as well do graphic comparisons for COD4 and MW3 to really see that it's just a new map pack.

Ghoul2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

i really dont wanna bash cod mw3 since i actually loved the games,

but seriously ? this looks AGED. i had higher hopes for this game graphically.
Gameplay will be as good as ever,

but come on this is fugly


ok watched the section in a video again, it does look better then the stills. but still its not that much different to the last incarnations.

T9002235d ago

Haha yea, i dont even see why we are having graphics comparison for this game. Its old the same, All CODs since COD MW1 have been about the same on both the consoles, with PC having a slight advantage. Really no need of a comparison, the COD buyer already knows its going to be the same experience on both the consoles atleast in terms of graphics.

DirtyLary2235d ago

Well it's the modern day version of quake on the old quake engine. Expect another engine release.

HeavenlySnipes2235d ago

Let the COD bashing commence!

cjflora2234d ago

It's not even fun anymore. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

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