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IGN - Well, this was inevitable. The marriage of modern warfare and Kinect was only a matter of time, and Blackwater is what we ended up with. If The Gunstringer made a strong point about gesture-based pew-pew-pewing, Blackwater is a convincing counter-argument. It employs nothing but bad ideas, and it fails to do anything exciting with any of them.

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Wagz222600d ago

I still can't believe that they made a videogame about these douche bags, what's next sim city haliburton?

DatNJDom812600d ago

You must have read my mind. LOL. Glorifying blackwater. wow. Thankfully the game seems to be a reflection of blackwater.

EVILDEAD3602600d ago

LOL @ IGN going out of it's way to destroy this game.

This clearly isn't a major Kinect title, but what's interesting is IGNs and OXMs take on the controls.

IGN says: 'The Kinect controls are imprecise and bulky, and the game pad isn't much of an improvement'

OXM says: 'Kinect controls are precise, empowering, and don’t make you feel silly while playing.'

Completelely opposite take the games controls. Either way, game looks like one of those that may be a possible pick up when it's 20 or less.

Be nice to see a big developer make a great shooter hybrid. But, Kinect was never needed for shooters, the 360 controller is console FPS controller perfection.


SilentNegotiator2600d ago


So, what, you're going to trust OFFICIAL XBOX MAGAZINE, who needs you to be interested in what xbox products are available to survive, over a review site that normally gives 9s to almost anything that fits into a game console? Or the several other sites and their reviews?

If you want to tell yourself that OXM, planetxbox360, edge, etc. has the right answers, then fine. But don't think you can dupe the rest of us.

lashes2ashes2600d ago

i completely agree what a shock this game was shit.

Bathyj2600d ago

Just to refeash my memory, this is the game that had that trailer which lets face it, flat out lied about the type of gameplay it was capable of with features exceeded to reach of the hardware.

Its kind of funny looking back at some of the remarks made back then, how this was going to usher in hardcore shooters to Kinect.

gta_manic2600d ago

Seems that everything they comment about is how Uncharted 3 is sh*t and if blackwater was on the PS3 it would be a 10

Rynx2600d ago

lol IGN is a breeding ground for 360 trolls.

SilentNegotiator2600d ago

Can we put the final nail in the coffin on Kinect-intensive FP(S) games? How many freaking 'Rise of Nightmare's and 'Blackwater's must they make before EVERYONE realizes it?

hennessey862600d ago

thought kinect would be great, bought it day 1 loved dance central and kinect sports, but it got boring so quickly and nothing they promised ever happened so I ended up getting rid of it and nothing so far has made me regret it

Tanir2600d ago

kinect will only work 50 years from now when virtual reality is actually working, not on the crappy camera tech kinect has.

Move has it right with combining motion and camera. but nothing will ever beat the good old fashioned controller

zerocrossing2600d ago


Kinect is steadily becoming synonymous with terrible games, and I don't think its a coincidence.

I'll admit the thing has "potential" but I haven't seen anything that appeals to me personally yet.

hennessey862600d ago

gave this game 7 out of 10 lol, oh and if you dont no playr is on showcase channel 201 on sky, tuesdays at 11pm. Still quite a good show apart from that score lol

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