Father of PlayStation, Ken Kutaragi, to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS), has named former President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Ken Kutaragi, the recipient of the coveted 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award, which will be bestowed at this year's Interactive Achievement Awards (IAA) ceremony on February 7 at Red Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in conjunction with the annual D.I.C.E. Summit 2008.

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Anything but Cute3954d ago

Right Now Sony is trying to pick up the pieces thanks to this chumps lack of vision.

beoulve3954d ago

lacks of vision?? HUH???
His vision was so great and made PS3 hella expensive. That's the problem.

Douchebaggery3954d ago

Your ignorance saddens me.

lynx1halo3954d ago

For the many hours of gaming entertainment that you have provided me

Mr_Kuwabara3954d ago

If anything it's Sony fault for the PS3 to be in a high price as it is. Ken didn't want to include a blu-ray player in the system to begin with but Sony insited for it to be included for them to kill "two birds in one stone".

Chubear3954d ago

That's not true so please don't keep spreading that. Kutaragi has always had advancements in software mediums intergreted with the hardware he makes. Like he did with CDs in the PS1 and DVDs in the PS2.

For Kutaragi Blu-ray was the way to go. It was the kind of thing he always wanted to implement and intergrate in his console.

BaMYouRDeaD3954d ago

LMFAO! Are you serious? If anything, this man's vision is what has been driving the Playstation brand for a decade! WHAT LACK OF VISION????

Kleptic3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Kutaragi did not resign because of the PS3 being priced so high...he resigned because of pretty much breaking a lot of 3rd party ties...

he failed with the PS3 only in development dead lines...specs kept changing...PR reports were a nightmare, and he made very little effort to have a finalized development kit available to 3rd parties in line with the 360...development kits were in fact not even totally spec'd until summer of 06 (basically leaving 3rd party devs with little idea of what hardware would actually be in the home PS3)...

he had a great vision...but was slow to implement it...hence...him not being in charge anymore...the blu ray diode fiasco was not his fault, thats what drove the price up and delayed the system overall...he also turned his back on 3rd party deals to keep certain franchises exclusive...he was single-handedly blamed for letting GTAIV release day and date with a 360 version, a franchise he claimed "the playstation brand doesn't need anymore"...we will see how accurate that statement is in coming months...

but thank god it did get delayed...the way development kits were back in 06; would have made PS3 games look like Xbox 1 games...and the 360's first generation games would have destroyed them all...and the way 360 games looked back then, that is saying something...

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kalistyles3954d ago

If it wasn't for this so called chump you wouldn't be playing the video games you have today. Keep playing playing your faulty system [email protected]

Spike473954d ago

who made two consoles that both were huge success and one made a record. (ps1 and ps2).

Can u blame him for just geting the price wrong, cause really the only reason why the ps3 is in this spot is the price.

yeah the price has dropped but it's gonna take time for consumers to get on that bandwagon.

beoulve3954d ago

Yeah, you can't blame a person that bring billions of profit to the company when Sony was losing money badly in other division. His creation basically kept sony alive and what they lost now is not even 1/10 of what he helped sony made.

Shaka2K63954d ago

Bows the the man that saved gaming and change the gaming insdustry for ever taking it to new highs never seen no company has or ever will do the same Sony the best the gaming industry has to offer.

once again if you lived at the time the 1st time PSX was intruced and there was alot of doubts and nintendo and sega didnt think of them as competition
funny it only took Sony once generation to totally destroy kidtendo and another to kill Sega the fact is you dont mess with Sony look at now, even with all the media bias and millions od haters around the world, at the end Sony will come on top beacuase they will offer you something special and you know when you buy a PlayStation you will be getting the best of the best and you will never be looking at anything else.

beoulve3954d ago

i wouldn't go that far calling him my father. Definitely not mine.

neogeo3954d ago

He will be remember for winning the war 3 gens in a row. that has never been done before. Before PS3's life is over it will have passed all prier systems sales at 200 million or more.

Danja3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

First I must say that anyone who thinks bad of Ken Kutaragi is an idiot who knows nothing about gaming this man literally expanded gaming to a wider audience and saved the industry single handly with the PS1 and PS2..and because he had big dreams for the PS3 and stumbled a little along the way...he's crazy and what not...if it wasn't for the PS1 they're wouldn't be any xbox 360 today

and now at guy above^^^ not even the DS will sell that amount...but the PS3 is by far one of th best designed consoles ever..and most powerful of them all..!!

Kleptic3953d ago

?...the PS2 is the system to beat...the DS won't even catch the PS2, the next nintendo handheld is most likely going to appear at the next E3 or TGS...and at ~60 million currently, it is only half way there...

my guess is that it will be a very very long time before something hits that many units sold...MS will never do it...they have a completely different take on the hardware side of things, mostly with trying to shorten hardware lifespans...Nintendo has seen better sales of stuff this year than in the past 10 for the most part, but nothing of it has shown legs yet...

the PS2 sold that well because it increased yearly until 07...sales peaked last christmas for that thing...7 years after it came other company has managed to have a system remotely similar to that...the DS is doing great, and setting weekly records and this and that...but it still has to do what it is doing for another several years...which is highly unlikely...

I think a lot of people misjudge how crazy the PS2 is sales wise...I thought CNET had some statistic last year that was like 1 out of 3 16-26 year old male in the US owned a PS2 or something...that is a big deal...

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