5 Sequels We Won’t Be Seeing Anytime Soon

"While most of us are seeing many PlayStation 2 / XBOX / Gamecube and other such console games being remade in HD and even given sequels there are certain games that are still in the dark and have yet to be accounted for or even spoken of years after they have been forgotten, these are some of the best games ever made that you will probably see being forgotten in a few years to come and the chances of a sequel are slim to none."

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jacksonmichael2570d ago

What would they call a sequel to XIII? XIII-2? Lol.

The second one was hilarious, too.

Iroquois_Pliskin2570d ago

wow never heard of half those games O_0

Pikajew2570d ago

I heard of all of them :)

cyborg472570d ago

Freedom Fighters, an FPS?
Fail article :\

Relientk772570d ago

I guess Ill say Warcraft 4

Warcraft 3 was amazing, and I would love to see another one. However, I'm afraid it would be years away

L6RD7BLU32570d ago

XIII Is such a damn good game. Man I wish Ubisoft will make a sequel to this game.

Cablephish2570d ago

Was my first online PC game. Only game I could run but was hella fun at the time.

I remember modding the hell out of it so you could change your skins for online play, and people would change into ducks or dogs, lol.

L6RD7BLU32570d ago

Yeap, sure had some good times with XIII

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