2012 Brings Three Blasts Of Ardently Coveted Games

"As the world economy slumps down, people lose jobs, hopes, lives, and wives, us hopeful innocent gamers look beyond the harsh and the ultimate cruel realities of life; gaming is the ultimate solace, a place of repose.

And as the sluggishness of year’s end wears out, and rigourmortis loses strength to a fresh start in year 2012, what do PlayStation 3 (PS3) fans have to look forward to?"

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jacksonmichael2536d ago

After having Googled the word "ardently," I feel that the description given is very accurate. Damn, I want these games.

NukaCola2535d ago

Of all the games you could put, I wouldn't say FFXIII-2. I would say FFversusXIII, Mass Effect 3 or the truly most anticipated RPG, Ni No Kuni

Nate-Dog2536d ago

I'm not sure about Journey but neither TLG nor Versus have been confirmed for 2012. I know I'm stating the obvious here and that it is likely that they'll be out next year (at least if Squeenix and Nomura actually do focus on Versus now ahead of everything else) but don't take it for a given.

RedDead2535d ago

Versus for September imo. It's in full production or Beta phase as it was later stated. Looking back at the gameplay vid you can tell it's far in production and that Vid was an old build, and in previous interview stated the world layout etc is completed, back in 07 Nomura said he was flying an Airship over the world map etc. It's very far in anyway. I would bet right after E3 at the earliest, and christmas time at the latest.

heroicjanitor2535d ago

I hope so, but FFXIII-2 is out next year which makes me doubt it. Two full FFs in one year hasn't happened before (to my knowledge).

Nate-Dog2535d ago

True, but full production came after 6 years, it may be quicker for other developers and games but I took that announcement by Nomura with a pinch of salt considering how long it has taken to get to that point. I'd be delighted if it did come out next year and for once I actually think there's a moderately-decent chance of that happening, but I'm not going to expect it.

palaeomerus2535d ago

Didn't FFXIII Versus just enter full production in September?

DigitalRaptor2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

That's what was announced by Nomura/Square, but you know, Japan has different meanings for things and who knows what was meant by "full production" or other translated business and game development terms.

Either way - judging from the gameplay vids, all the info sourced so far and recent comments that Nomura has the world map completed and the finer details are still being developed upon, I'd guess it's about 65-70% complete including time for polish. Possibly more. Considering how long it's been since its announcement and numerous stalls in development, a late 2012 release is not too hard to believe.

CLOUD19832535d ago

maybe will get it end of 12 is not even out in JPN yet & dont forget that translation will take some time especially for the PAL version with so many languages.

LeonhartX2535d ago

it's a worldwide release don't worry about that

CLOUD19832535d ago

Where the fck did u hear that? when it was the last time an FF released world wide? exactly never happen before.. so can u show me source? because I cant believe that US/EU will get the game same day with JPN.

Capt-FuzzyPants2535d ago

LeonheartX is right. The trailers said that originally but who knows it might have changed since the first trailer came out all those years ago.

Kran2535d ago

Only 2 of those are on my list..... and FFVXIII isnt one of them...

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