Universal Gamer: Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Review

As in previous Disgaea games, the main characters are anti-heroes who inadvertently become the heroes of the story. In Disgaea 4, the plot revolves around the "Tyrant Lord" Valvatorez, who is a demon trainer Prinnys (penguins demons). Being tired of the corruption in the government of the demons in the "Netherworld", this has taken the task of overthrowing the government and stripped of his power. Accompanied by his faithful servant, Fenrich, they will attempt to restore order to the "Netherworld".

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disturbing_flame2568d ago

Best tactical RPG on this generation, and one of the best ever. Kudos Nippon Ichi.

DanShadow272568d ago

Agreed. People usually ask the whole "If you can choose only one game..." type of question but if you choose this game you'll be playing it for months before seeing everything this one has to offer.