Deus Ex 3 Teaser Trailer and Official Eidos Montreal Website

Eidos Montreal website up and running; hiring staff; Deus Ex 3 forum online, dev thread suggests key features already set in stone.

"This is a very exciting day for Eidos," said Rob Murphy, Managing Director of Studios at Eidos. "Deus Ex is one of our finest franchises, often cited as one of the best PC games of all time. By developing this game at our new cutting-edge Montreal studio we have the opportunity to really push the boundaries of expectation for Deus Ex 3."

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Charlie26883835d ago

I hope this time for the third entry they stick to the original roots so the game doesn't go thru the BRUTAL consolification process of the second one >.>

MK_Red3835d ago

I'm 100% with you. While I liked the 2nd game, it was nothing compared to original Deus Ex (The best PC game of all time according to CVG).

lawman11083835d ago

Period. Hope the game is better then that

Gamingisfornerds3835d ago

If it's anything like the 2nd one, I'm in. That game was just pure awesomeness!

Can't stress enough how excited I am about this, now official, announcement! =D

Skerj3834d ago

Yeah if you've never played the original, Invisible War is a pretty competent game. But if you played Deus Ex before IW chances are you'll hate it, or not like it nearly as much as you did Deus Ex. It was kinda hard for me to put Deus Ex out of my head while playing Invisible War in that aspect, so I was never fully able to enjoy it.

nismo3835d ago

Great to see that they are working on it. I cant wait.

BadTaste3835d ago

Hearing that music brings back great memories.

MK_Red3835d ago

Seriously good point. I used to listen to original Deus Ex's menu music for hours. That game had a superb soundtrack to acompany it's amazing gameplay and story.

greenenvy3835d ago

deus ex 3 is already on the way sonybots, one of the best games ever made........

deus ex is top of the food chain....

you know what that means, likely another game only for the xbox360...


oh well, this game is going to be ABSOLUTELY KILLA' when I get to play it on my brand new HDTV with surround sound, perfect controller, and a brewskie in my hand before moving on to saints row 2........

roll it on deus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D

Neurotoxin3835d ago

Not sure what your talking about as i don`t think any platform other than PC has been confirmed. Take a look at this link, not exactly a concrete reliable source, and quite old but none the less states PS3 and 360 will be seeing the game maybe.

greenenvy3835d ago

the ps3 version is going to be quietly cancelled according to a german gamersyde article....

don't know until it happens but it happened with original GRAW...

I just expect that sort of thing pretty much is no biggie...

360 gets most of the western games & the ps gets most of the eastern games & no more ***** ports.....doesn't help

Chubear3835d ago

The first one was done on the PC and then ported to the PS2 which was a great port. The second one was done on the PC & xbox and was considered by many as a wash of the 1st one.

It's already been anounced and promoted by a lot of retail outlets as coming for the PC, PS3 & 360. No need to keep crying about it.

Skerj3834d ago

Wow, another perfectly good topic ruined by blatant fanboyism for NO reason. Congrats green, you showed us!!

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The story is too old to be commented.