Naughty Dog Listens To Its Fans, Uncharted 3 Aiming Patch Coming “Very Soon”

Naughty Dog recently went the extra mile to address the mounting complaints regarding Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception aiming issues.

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Dante1122514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

Wow, surprised ND will do it after all the trash talk and really unnecessary insults (Developers' mothers and wives were brought in their rants lol) they got over this at the neogaf forums. Props ND.


"Cartridgeblower: I sat down and played with a couple tweaked versions of the new controls, and they were definitely more in line with the MP and UC2. They seem to have fixed much of the dead zone problems, and are adjusting the sensitivity so you can go even higher than what 100% is now.They were literally making changes ON THE FLY as we played, and asking us what we thought of them. They would tweak things like sticky radius, sensitivity, etc. Also, they mentioned motion blur is definitely getting fixed for SP. Very cool. They mentioned more about a patch coming out very soon, but again, Arne has told me not to give anything more specific away."

rabidpancakeburglar2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

Naughty Dog are one of the more awesome developers for fan service and likeability in the industry so I doubt they would let the idiocy of some people on forums get in the way of delivering a better game for proper fans of the series.

inveni02514d ago

I think Naughty Dog is one of the few developers that treat their games as more than a paycheck. They take a lot of pride in the work they've done in the Uncharted universe (as they should), and I think they truly want everyone to get the best experience possible, as long as the requests and complaints are reasonable.

This complaint is reasonable, but I didn't even notice until after I'd beaten the game on Hard and was told about the delay. Now, i can think back to what they're talking about. But it wasn't game breaking, and I must have adapted. It would be nice to have had a little less delay, though...I probably would have snagged those 100 headshots a lot faster.

Buuhan12514d ago

What do you expect, it's Neogaf.

Yawnier2513d ago

What is it with people who constantly hate on Neogaf??? Is there a particular reason why?

NukaCola2513d ago

Noegaf talks about N4G like N4G talks about neogaf. War never changes.

achmetha2514d ago

cool. I have been taking a break from sp cause the dead zone was irritating me. not sure why it was changed from uc2 to begin with but awesome they took notice.

SnotyTheRocket2512d ago

Okay, what is "The Dead Zone"? I beat UC3 (I KNEW THE AIMING WAS OFF AT FIRST) but I really just got use to it. I still think MP shooting is better though.

PRHB HYBRiiD2514d ago

i got some bugs in single player hope they fix that too

morkendo2514d ago

Naughty Dog Listens To Its Fans,


Errod882513d ago

who's Dexter I know Daxter

thawind2514d ago

I ACCIDENTLY pressed thé disagree button.

Bigpappy2514d ago

why patch the game if it is 10/10? If it ain't broke don't fix it!

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JaredH2514d ago

I beat the game the day it came out and loved it but I did notice the aiming was a bit off since I got less than half the amount of head shots I got in Uncharted 2. It's good that they're fixing it at least.

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StrongMan2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

I don't have a problem with the aiming but it's good to see the Naughty Godz listen.

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sashimi2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

Yeah i don't see the aiming problem and i just finished crushing difficultly.

HALODST2514d ago

So the aiming did suck?

Oner2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

It's more complicated than just it "sucked" (for those mature enough to do so). I believe it really depends on how good/sensitive of a gamer you are.

Personally I noticed it right away (just like I did with KZ2) and am trying to get through it until the patch releases to address it...BUT it's definitely detracting from the experience because the timing IS off.

Not KZ2 bad (which I couldn't complete because of said issue) but enough to be a nuisance. I wouldn't pass on it though, especially since ND is on top of it this fast!

achmetha2514d ago

for me it was just awkward to go from uc2 to 3. I am used to the previous game. plus I don't just twitch the joystick. dead zone should be adjustable by the player and not preset. treat it like sensitivity devs!

aquamala2514d ago

How do people not notice? Move your right stick in a circle while aiming, and it doesn't move in a circle! And it's only in the campaign

Hicken2514d ago

Probably because most people adapt and keep it moving. Like lots of others, I didn't notice it until it was pointed out by someone else.

And I really don't care. I never expect ANY game to be just like the last, so I've come to accept that UC3 will not be the same game as UC2. The aiming being different is simply part of that, for me.

As gamers, shouldn't we be adapting more and complaining less?

Oner2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

No we shouldn't. We should expect nothing less than a a game being accurate and responsive...not giving excuses for something that shouldn't be there in the first place.

Adjusting to something like "weight" in a game would be a perfect example of not complaining and learning how to acclimate to a new game mechanic, but a delay in input is not something to be brushed off as simply as "just adapt".

Accuracy/Responsiveness in a game that relies on AIMING is absolutely key to it's underlying reason as to why you play it to begin with. So to play it down is only letting the issue possibly become worse as more/other games come out.

If it is addressed now and devs see that they cannot compromise on a mechanic that should be the first priority, then their game will be better than the next dev house who doesn't do so. And we get something that is competitive, responsive & accurate which ultimately makes the game more fun over being a distracting issue.

Christopher2513d ago

Actually, square motion is exactly like it is in UC2. The sensitivity is in regards to response to user actions and not the 8 directional settings that cause a square when going in circles with the joystick.

Kings4L2514d ago

Please add the cut-scenes too as a playback option!!!

Michael-Jackson2514d ago

It's disappointing to hear that Uncharted 3 has less polish than Uncharted 2. They removed the unlockables like skins and cheats.

KonaBro2514d ago

Nice trolling. If you did your research, Arne even explained in the UC3 OT on NeoGAF that the reason they couldn't implement cheats and skins was because it caused glitches in the code. So instead of causing crashes, they removed them altogether.

Lord_Sloth2513d ago


The simple fact of the matter is I never experiences any issues with UC1 or 2 even when using the cheats to spawn up guns. UC3 was the 1st time any of the trilogy has ever frozen on me.

fragnificent2513d ago

well i dont speak Polish so im glad lol

vickers5002513d ago

No cheats? Lame, very lame. Defeats the purpose of a third playthrough (first reserved for experiencing the game, second for platinuming it, third for crazy fun, which I guess I wont be getting to have).

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252514d ago

yeah, the unlockables were the reasons why i played uncharted 1&2 over and over. i wish they would put in a patch for it. hell, i'd even pay for it,a little reluctantly though. does anyone know if there will be a patch for motion blur?

walken72513d ago

Yeah, the article says they will be patching motion blur.

JonnyBigBoss2514d ago

I have no issue with the controls, and it's still my game of the year. :)

dragon822513d ago

Same here so far. It will be getting some stiff competition soon though. The next couple weeks will see a couple strong contenders with Skyrim and Skyward Sword.

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