IGN: Sony PlayStation 3D Display Review

In the realm of HDTVs conventional wisdom says that bigger is better – large screen sizes provide superior experiences and astronomical price tags are equated to quality. But in the case of the Sony PlayStation 3D Display, nothing could be further from the truth.

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_Aarix_2599d ago

I didn't know ign reviewed items.

kaozgamer2599d ago

no remote? that sucks...

tarbis2598d ago

even some 22" lcd displays for PCs have remotes.

slutface2599d ago

I want! But after having 50 inch i cannot go anything less D=

Urrakia342599d ago Show
colonel1792599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

I just bought a Samsung 55" 8000 series 3DTV. Does anyone has that TV? Is it good? It will be delivered next week. I just wanted to know about it from here, since all are gamers here.

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2598d ago

Nice purchase. Trust me. You got one of the best. :)

tarbis2598d ago

Samsung TVs are as good as Sony's but at a cheaper price. I'm personally using Samsung hdtv for my ps3 and loving it.
You got a good purchase there dude.

DlocDaBudSmoka2598d ago

i have the 7000 series 3DTV, it is great!! can turn 2D into 3D with the push of a button. great picture. anything else ya wanna know, PM me.

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The story is too old to be commented.