Top ten non-girly games girls play

So you thought girl gamers only indulged themselves in Cooking Mama and Nintendogs? Without being a frag doll for Ubisoft or other companies that use sex appeal to sell, contrary to popular male belief, the ladies actually play games most guys drool about. Here's a list of top non-girly games girls enjoy.

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rofldings3919d ago

Halo is a girly game. Go play a real fps.

sheng long3919d ago

There are always girls playing Tekken 5 DR online. A lot of them are quite good, too.

lonestarmt3919d ago

my girlfriend loves odin sphere, crap she has already played it for 54 hours!! First game she has ever played that much. I'm so proud!

lonestarmt3918d ago

man you people on this site are a piece of something all right. How can you disagree. I said my girlfriend not yours. @$$

beoulve3919d ago

Counterstrike, I seen alot of girls played counterstrike and they kicked ass.

LeonSKennedy4Life3919d ago

My sister loves Devil May Cry. That's probably because I love it though. If I were into Ninja Gaiden, she'd probably like that too.

Girls only like Halo because they want to impress their boyfriends...the same goes for Warcraft. It has nothing to do with preference. Ask any honest gaming girl and they'll tell you Gears of War is much better than Halo. It's just plain fact...

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The story is too old to be commented.